#plantPOWER Recap & New Powerbowl Challenge!

February 28, 2013 -
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It’s safe to say that this round of #plantPOWER was a success! We are able say that because of YOU. You participating, reading along, tweeting, posting pictures, & just supporting the challenge is what makes this all worth while! Heather & I are so happy with how it all turned out & we can’t wait to move forward in the future with some more #plantPOWER challenges!

Speaking of moving forward,
Are you up for a new challenge starting March 4th!?


How you can join in & spread the word:

    • Read the Details of the challenge !
    • Download the APP here
    • (or) Join in on the website here

With that being said, I will be working at the Arnold Sports Expo with my bittie for the weekend & am taking a big of a break from the computer Winking smile. I love being connected but sometimes need to take a vaca from the pc. If you’ll be at the Arnold – totally tweet me & let me know!

Last year, I met so many amazing people at the Arnold Classic like Tosca Reno, Dana Linn Bailey, Jamie Eason, Kelly Olexa, & Electra! [recap here] While I was there, I also had a #MirrorlessMonday moment [here].

I can’t wait to see what this year brings! You can follow along on Instagram.

In the meantime, you can see a whole recap of the #plantPOWER challenge below!


  1. Almond Breeze giveaway
  2. Brad’s Raw Foods giveaway
  3. Cheesy Basil & Butternut Quinoa
  4. Dessert With The Purely Twins
  5. Eat A Rainbow
  6. Fats, For Time, Friendship
  7. Green Nutrex Spirulina giveaway
  8. Headband BAMR giveaway
  9. Indian Food Experience
  10. Julieanna Hever giveaway
  11. Kumquat & Quinoa Salad
  12. Lentil Sloppy Joes
  13. Mary’s Gone Crackers
  14. NRG Matrix Giveaway
  15. On the go Real Food Barre Giveaway
  16. Plant Powerful Guest Recipes
  17. Quinoa Chickpea Buckwheat Bread
  18. Roasted Root Veggies
  19. Shakeology Giveaway
  20. Trust your cravings with Squash & Cheesy Sesame Spinach
  21. Upside Down Banana Loaf
  22. VEGA Giveaway
  23. Why we’re doing what we do & Blogger meet up
  24. XUG228 Iherb.com Coupon Code
  25. Yam Boats with Caramelized Brussels & Sweet Cinnamon Hummus
  26. Finding Your Zen
  27. Winners Reveal

Also, don’t forget if you won one of the Giveaways to e-mail Heather@ForTheLoveOfKale.com!


Be True To You,

Red heart Kasey