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Hi there! My name is Kasey. Welcome to my blog & thank you for stopping by!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of True To You Fitness, Blogger, & Best Selling Author of BODYpeace with my girl Heather Waxman.


I have Bachelors Degree in Health & Physical Education and I Graduated with Honors from Slippery Rock University of PA. When it comes to food, I am a Cook, Baker, & Picture Taker!


I am a PROUD FitFluential Ambassador. I belong to a community of influential motivators to help spread the word of health & fitness!

I am married to an amazing man named Corey. He is one of the most supportive people in my life, my rock, & I am so thankful for him every single day.


I believe in being TRUE TO YOU & doing what’s best for YOUR OWN BODY. I’ve grown into this motto & live by it daily. You can find a more personal & deeper look into my story here.

I’ve always been into nutrition & athletics. My mom is a personal trainer – I  guess you could say that is where my background of health comes from. My mom did everything she could when I was younger to help me make healthier choices while also enjoying balance.

Looking back, I’ve learned so much from my Mom & I’m still learning! When I was younger I wouldn’t admit it, but now I’m so thankful for the knowledge that I’ve gained from my Mom about finding a happy balance while enjoying life.

Over the last few years we’ve really combined our passions of helping others to work with each other both as a mother/daughter team and personal trainers.

So where do the “Powercakes” come from, you ask?  Well, ever since I can remember my family has had huge Sunday morning breakfasts. My dad would always make pancakes before my soccer games. (I’ve played soccer since I was 8!) My mom would always ask him, “did you make them powercakes?” Which essentially was their way of sneaking healthy ingredients into our pancakes.

See, being the “healthy eater” that I was not as a child, my mom always wanted to make sure that I had some form of healthy power to give me energy to play in my soccer game! For years now I’ve called our pancakes, “powercakes“! Which really means, a very healthy pancake that gives you “power” to get through your day! I always make “powercakes” and eat them any tine of the day.

People would always ask what they were; so I’d explain to them the Powercake concept. People started to ask for the recipes; so I thought starting a website would be a great way to share them! In college is when I really found my love for working out. A few years back I made a decision to compete in a Fitness Competition.

I’ve always been a competitive person – I’ve played soccer and I ran track (triple jump and hurdles) since 7th grade. I’ve also played numerous intramural sports in college. My friend from college competed in the show the year before and I was amazed at her results. I was sold & I decided to train with her.

I started over 8 years ago- building muscle, becoming stronger, & weight training while losing my fear of becoming “bulky” – MYTH! 

After months of training and “dieting”, I competed in our school’s show in the Spring.I quickly caught myself falling into an unhealthy way of living. I took the “dieting” thing too literal & was un-educated on what I was doing to my body at the time.

You can read this more personal post about “Checking Myself Before Wrecking Myself.” I was forgetting why I loved fitness in the first place & knew I had to find my passion again for doing things a healthier way.

Looking back, I was not fueling my fitness properly. I did restrict myself to get ahead and I am fully aware of that. I do not regret competing, because it led me to finding a happier balance now with fitness & nutrition. I’ve learned a lot since then and I really concentrate now on listening to my own body and giving it the nutrients it wants & needs.

23You see, I listened to so many people telling me to cut things out of my diet like carrots & blueberries

When in reality, I was just making myself more un-healthy & wasn’t listening to my own body. I was so tired of looking “healthy” on the outside; but feeling horrible on the inside.

I promised myself I wouldn’t go back to that unhealthy mind-set of eating less and working out more. I knew there was a better way to feel good, workout well, & eat to fuel while also enjoying different not so “healthy” foods as well!

I’m so glad I decided to listen to my body & give it the nutrients it needed. I’ve learned to not restrict my calories & get ahead.  I’ve also learned to not do endless hours of cardio with hopes of seeing results.

I eat food that help fuel my fitness like veggies, protein, fats, (which I used to have a fear of!) fruits, & carbs. I don’t fear foods like I used to.With exception of the first show (where I was being unhealthy) I haven’t weighed myself once (unless I’m at the doctor).

I broke up with the scale & never felt better. I just use the mirror to check on my progress. I believe that you are SO MUCH MORE than a number on a scale!

Looking back on my unhealthy approach as first, I have completely changed my way of thinking when it comes to working out & refueling my body! Will I compete again? I don’t have any plans to do one again. I am now focusing on becoming a stronger athlete & “training” instead of working out to achieve something on the outside. It truly is a combination of nutrition, workouts, and enjoyment to see results & feel good on the INSIDE!

I don’t fall under any labels or categories when it comes to my eating. I used to have an unhealthy relationship with food but have been working on finding that balance to be happy & enjoy life while eating foods I want to eat. You can read more about that [here].

Finding what works for me has also helped with all of my stomach problems. I no longer am in pain or deal with daily stomach issues like I used to. Eating a wide variety of foods & colors has really improved my digestion & skin. I also use to suffer from horrible eczema ( dry skin that was very painful) & since listening to my body I realized I reacted this way from certain foods.

I believe in finding your own balanced life. I try to make the most of it with my amazing family & friends. When it comes to food, I have a passion for cooking & baking. I’ve always been happy when I’m in the kitchen.

Too often we compare ourselves to others but I think we can all work together on loving ourselves more & being ok with who we are. We have the power to control our thoughts & work on making them positive! There really is no one-size-fits-all approach to health & fitness. It’s finding what works best for you and your own body.

I am so thankful to be able to help people for a living through my stories, fitness, & nutrition. I pride myself in my work & I am very passionate about helping other people find their own balance.

So, thank you for wanting to learn more about me and I look SO forward to connecting! xo

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

*All of these pictures on my site are my own. If you are going to use them or the recipes; please link them back to my page! I’m very passionate about coming up with my cooking/baking clean recipes &  would appreciate receiving credit if you make these recipes!

*Also, I am NOT a doctor. These tips & recipes are based off of my OWN lifestyle & I started blogging to SHARE them with you! By no means am I telling you to live my lifestyle; just sharing my stories with you for ideas!!





95 responses to “My Story”

  1. Kasey,
    I enjoyed your story – So Inspiring! A few of my trainers are involved in body building competitions and although I’m not interested in getting that ripped, I like the idea of a bikini contest. I look forward to your next post!

  2. Charissa says:

    Enjoyed reading your story…looking forward to reading more of your posts!

  3. Greg says:

    Nice story and the new site is very good and as clean as you eat!!! Looking forward to the recipes and post!

  4. Loved reading this! It was cool to find out the story behind your site name. 🙂

  5. I love that you didn’t weigh yourself while competing. It obviously worked out for you! 🙂

    • Kasey says:

      I still don’t weight myself and it’s so liberating to not have to worry about it! <3 Just living a balanced powerful life ;] thank you! <3

  6. Julie says:

    I enjoyed reading your story! I am starting a health/lifestyle blog soon and found your great site for inspiration! Thanks so much!

  7. I love your story! I am excited to keep reading about your journey and see all your great recipes and workouts!

  8. Kim says:

    Wow!! Love the way you eat. You’ve inspired me. Found your site via Julie Go Lean and can’t seem to stop reading. I’m amazed that you are able to bring health and sound nutrition to EVERY meal. I definitely intend to begin trying your POWERCAKES. Keep on blogging.
    Thank you!!

  9. Jessica says:

    Hey girl! I just found your blog from Julie’s page, and DANG! We have a lot in common. Seriously, I would LOVE to talk to you more about lifting, competing, gluten-free-ing, and so many other shenanigans! Please email me when you get a chance 🙂

  10. Ashley says:

    I love all your healthy recipes and tips on instagram!! I’m so glad I found your website!!

  11. John says:

    This is a really inspirational story Kasey… I really enjoyed reading your story, and browsing through your amazing website. I wish you all the best and hope you will continue to overcome and be an inspiration to other!!!

  12. Christian says:

    Dear Kasey -ehemm- Miss Arena,
    Your amazing story is an inspiration to me! Plus, you’ve gotten me into zumba, and, well, I’ve been doing the grapevine to “3” ever since :). You’re an awesome athlete and a super cool person, and I’m glad to have you as my gym teacher!!

  13. fitfoodiele says:

    i’m such a fan! amazing story and site. keep the recipes coming!

  14. Amy says:

    Loved reading your story and about page 🙂 I suffer from quite bad eczema myself and since cleaning up my diet my skin looks so much more better, thank you for being an inspiration!

  15. Lindsay says:

    Hey, I was in the gym class where you were a student teacher. You were a wonderful teacher and you have gotten me hooked on fitness haha. You are such an inspiration and I plan on improving my health as much as I can because of you. 🙂

  16. Kate says:

    Kasey, I enjoyed reading this so much! I’ve only recently become aware of figure competitions and the work that goes into them. It’s not something I want to pursue, but I really admire the dedication. I have a feeling you’re going to teach me a lot about clean eating and fuelling! I’m looking forward to following along.

    x Kate

  17. giovanna says:

    What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing your life and your recipes as a bodybuilder they look great. after my contest I am going to try the power carrot cake! Keep up the sharing!

  18. Raquel says:

    Hi Kasey I enjoyed reading your story and am now even more motivated to keep on eating clean and making it a lifestyle, NOT a diet. I also suffer from eczema and for the past 4 months I’ve noticed fewer breakouts due to my clean eating. I also don’t ever use my medicated cream that my dermatologist prescribed me. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful recipes and inspiring stories.. I’m already writing down a few recipes to try out and planning to start your new Sunday challenges. Good luck with everything and thanks again!!

    – Raquel

    • Kasey says:

      awe, thank yo SO much!! I’m so happy to hear that you are seeing differences from clean eating when it comes to your skin! It’s amazing what clean eating can do!!

  19. Nichol says:

    Reading your story exhale of relief . I too have a Gluten allergy and all Nut allergy. I have been a NPC & National Bikini Competitor for the last two years. This being said the struggle with diet. I’m going to take a break and listen to my body. (1yr) I have troubles with meal ideas, I stick to the same thing all the time. I don’t mind because then I don’t get sick. Although I’m ready to venture out. That being said you have inspired me to the fullest and your food looks BEAUTIFUL!
    You and your recipes will be a HUGE part of my GF,NF healthy life style.

    Thank you so much,
    Nichol M. Heltmach

    • Kasey says:

      Awe, thank you so much!! I’ve found that listening to my body is so much more important to me than having a what I think is “pefect” body on the outside. My insides are way more important and I realized I just wanted to live my life happy and be able to enjoy the clean eating with a fitness lifestyle! It’s been a while to find a balance, and I still work on it every day, but my insides are thanking me for listening to them! <3 good luck with everything!!!

  20. Mark says:

    Kasey, Your web site and story are both AMAZING! You probably don’t remember me but i remember you as that chubby cheeked little girl at my sister Susie’s picnics. Your mom told me about your website and i am so glad she did. For the last 6 months i have been turning my life around going from a sloppy 255lbs down to a leaner 199lbs. It’s been a lot of hard work. But it all boils down to eating right and exercise. Just like you i dont like the word “diet” they are fads and dont last. Its all about the right mind set and motivation. Last year i was 44 years old with bad knees and a bad back and all the excuses in the world not to exercise. As of January that all changed. In 2 weeks i will be 45 and in the best shape i’ve been in since i was in my 20’s. My friends and family support has been incredible and much of my driving force. I feed of other peoples stories and journeys that got them on the right track. I also post my accomplishments on my facebook page and have had a lot of people thank me for motivating them to start getting healthy. I woluld love to post your website on my facebook page for their benefit. (if it’s o/k with you). look forward to hearing from you. Keep up all that positive energy!!

    • Kasey says:

      Thank you so much for checking out my website!!! I’m so sorry I just saw this but I appreciate that comment so much! How are things going with you?! I Would love it if you posted my page to your FB – what is your link to yours!?!?

  21. April says:

    Hi Kasey, I have been following you on instagram and love all the fitness and meal pics you post. Today is my first time visiting your website and I am so inspired by your story. 🙂 Keep up the amazing work.

  22. Inspiring story and I love all stories about the love and impact of mothers and their daughters. Your family must certainly be proud!

    Best wishes for continued success.

  23. I just found your blog and I am so glad I did. I love visiting blogs that inspire through clean, balanced eating. You have a great story and your recipes look awesome!

  24. Morgan says:

    Hey there! Your story has hit the spot for me. I am a recovering anorexic and moving toward a life of “body building”/”CrossFit.” Right now though I have hit a snag because my anorexia is coming back due to my FREAKING SCARED-NESS OF CARBS!!! Anything that resembles a CARB I will not touch because I immediately think I will gain everything back! I need all the help I can! Any tips that you can offer that allowed you to get over your “Fat” Fear?

    Thanks so much!

  25. Great story! I can’t wait to try out some of your power cake recipes. I became a vegan about five or six months ago in order to cure my addiction to dairy. Now I’m vegan-lite (read more here: and I’m happy to say that I’ve lost 11 pounds so far. Of course, I work out several times a week and I cut back on the booze, but I feel really good about the food that I’m putting in my body now. I couldn’t say that before. Oh, and I laugh a lot. I think that helps a little. 🙂

    It’s great to see a role model like yourself eating a healthy and reasonable diet. I wish you success with your fitness competitions. I don’t think you need ripped abs to look fantastic – and you do look fantastic. I’d love to have your figure someday…and I will. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing all your hard-earned knowledge with the rest of us.

  26. Bee says:

    If u dont mind me asking, what macronutrient %/grams and cals do u shoot for to support your active lifestyle and bodybuilding? Ive had a host of tummy issues too and recently adopted a vegan diet,which has helped resolve a lot of tummy issues…but i find it harder to gain muscle. Any tips would rock!

  27. […] On my blog, I share stories of clean eating, fitness, inspiration, and healthy gluten free recipes. I have struggled for 10 years with food allergies, so I got super creative in the kitchen! I truly believe that food is fuel! You can read more about my story here. […]

  28. Cassandre says:

    I started following you on Instagram recently and this is my first time visiting your site and just wanted to say that you are really awesome and such an inspiration to anyone who’s looking to lead a healthy lifestyle. keep doing what you are doing..

  29. You are SO SO SO beautiful Kasey! I’m a recent reader of your blog, when I saw what you and Heather are doing together. You should be so proud of everything you have accomplished already, and everything you are sure to in the years to come! I too am starting my own business, and while it can be scary at times it’s Oh So Rewarding. I look forward to staying in touch & continuing to read!

  30. Amber says:

    I am so glad I found your blog! You are an inspiration. My goal is to compete this year. I may hit you up for more advice. Thank you 🙂

  31. so glad i came across your site i look forward to reading !!

  32. Thank you so much for sharing! I relate to almost every aspect of your story. Can’t to follow your blog : )

  33. Jackie says:


    loved reading your story! I’ve been trying to eat healthier the past few months, but I’ve had nothing but stomach issues. Every day it seems I have a stomach ache and have gas pains and feel blaoted. I couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. I think maybe I might be over doing it and like you said, eating too much of a good thing isn’t a good thing. I’ve heard so many people tell me so many different things from “don’t eat fruit with other foods because it will make you gassy and bloated” to “stop eating wheat products and start eating whole grains only.” I thought I was doing well and eating right, but I feel like I’ve actually gained weight instead of losing it. It’s so frustrating!

  34. Dena Maddie says:

    That’s awesome – keep sharing girl!

  35. Lex says:

    What an awesome story! I really enjoyed reading it. It’s always interesting to hear about what motivates different people, and it’s also refreshing to hear about both the positives and negatives because we all have our ups and downs, and it’s important that we learn from those difficult times so that we can truly appreciate the good times. Thanks for sharing your story!

  36. Lisa says:

    Hi Kasey! I just stumbled upon your blog and I’m glad I did! I’ve recently begun making healthy changes in my life. Something that really caught my eye in this was that you cleared up your eczema through your diet! I’ve had eczema since as long as I can remember and I had no idea it was possible to clear it up through nutrition. What worked for you specifically to get rid of it? I eat a variety of vegetables, fruit, whole grains, and lean protein, but I haven’t noticed any changes in issues with eczema. It is winter right now though, so that may have something to do with it. I’d love to hear what changes you made and what worked for you! Thanks!

  37. Jenn@ Be Me says:

    This reminds me so much of my non profit site that promotes YOU to be YOU and ME to BE ME. So happy that I found your site : )

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    information I needed about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

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  39. Jennifer Hamilton says:

    Just absolutely fell in love with you, Kasey and your story! I sent it to my 18 year old daughter who loves to bake and take pictures, but hasn’t found her love of the healthy lifestyle yet. I am 42 and learning to listen to my body. I have been eating mostly clean for a while now, but ready to eat completely clean. When I dine out, even when I chose healthy food, I bloat from the sodium and additives. Do you dine out at all? If so, how do you chose foods that you feel safe about? Thank you for this web site and your recipes. Thank your Mom for me to for raising such an awesome daughter. I love to lift weights too and I love that you don’t worry about the scale. I weigh more than I would like right now, but I feel proud of my body and the things it can do!

  40. Great story! But I don’t know if pancakes before a soccer game is such a good idea… 🙂

  41. Amy Cochrane says:

    This is EXACTLY the way it should be! Listening to your body while seeking balance and joy in life. Kudos to your Mom for being such a great role model 🙂 Love that you have found a way to successfully promote your great message!

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  46. Ashley Kemmer says:

    Kasey, it is so amazing to see how far you have come! I remember you from Slippery Rock, seeing you at the ARC and watching you compete. I knew about your blog and I loved trying your powercake recipes. I think its so great that you found your passion and you made it into a career. So happy for you!

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  50. Ankur says:

    In daily life, we do not have enough time to do gym exercise. We go to a gym and use commercial gym equipment for our exercise for some days but there is no regularity which can keep us pushing our limits.
    There is also some condition where you cannot go to the gym and use the commercial gym equipment to keep your body fit.
    Using good diet is also should be taken care of while using gym equipment and doing fitness exercise.
    Nice story. Thanks for sharing your story.

  51. What an inspiring story. Thank you for sharing. People like you with your knowledge, that decides to share their experiences and guide others like me looking to be healthier and to feel the best I can. So thank you!

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