F is for…

February 5, 2013 -
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Goodmorning all! Today is “F” day in #plantPOWER. When I think of the letter “F” many things come to mind.


Started this morning off with a 545am WOD at CrossFit.


Scaled the handstand push-ups similar to this video here.

This one was tough & yeah, when the alarm goes off at 5:15am it’s not always easy.

BUT I got after it & had breakfast in my belly by 730 am! After a lot of FOAM rolling.

Speaking of another efffffffff. (what I say when I foam roll – hurts so good)

F is for FUEL….or reFUEL.

I refueled after this awesome WOD with a VEGA Nutritional Shake – Vanilla Chai!

OMG SO GOOD. I made it into a “frosting” & put it on my oats.

You just add small amounts of water to it until it’s at a desired consistency!

You can learn more about this product in this video here.


*I’ve been lucky enough to be able to test these amazing products from VEGA so a special THANK YOU shout-out to them!

Keep an eye out later in the #plantPOWER challenge – you may have a chance to win some of these as well Winking smile

Gosh, sometimes I feel like the blogger Oprah …

I love spreading the love of fun products!

F is for…

featuring some of the awesome “E” #plantPOWER Instagram pics from participants.


Amazing job ladies! Way to try new things & be creative! Keep up the awesome #plantPOWER lovin’! ❤

F is also for healthy FATS…

The Eat Clean Diet is all about the healthy fats this month & every month for that matter!

I know that all of the Ambassadors embrace them as well.

ECDAmbassadors_Logo Final

The Eat Clean Diet is hosting a healthy fats giveaway this month.

You can enter their healthy fats contest here for a chance to win an awesome prize pack!


Read the contest rules & see if you are eligible.

Don’t forget to use #healthyfats in your tweets/posts!

Did I use to fear fats? Absolutely.

In high school I remember being a part of a conversation at lunch saying “OMG Peanut Butter is so bad & full of fat.”

Well, eating a whole jar of peanut butter may not be the best way to get your fats in, BUT that doesn’t mean that a nice serving of 2 TB could hurt.

With every one of my 3-5 meals a day, I try to incorporate a healthy fat in.

Some of my favorite Fat Articles from the blog are…

Some of my favorite plant based healthy fats are…


& my video about healthy fats here…

*Now, a few things have changed since this video – at the time I cut out grains (thinking they were causing my digestive issues) Obviously I’ve found that eating more plant based helps me & I’ve been eating grains for months now (oats, quinoa, brown rice) – so again, BE TRUE TO YOU. The point of this video was to show that I UPPED my healthy fats & never felt better!


I certainly do not fear the fats!

This was a #powerbowl of veggies, purple & orange sweet potatoes, with smoked paprika, & HEMP SEEDS!

Some of my favorite ways to include healthy fats are…

  • cooking with coconut oil (can be heated at higher temps in place of olive oil, etc)
  • Adding tsp of coconut oil in my coffee each morning (just like my girl, Kelly Olexa)
  • Salad dressing (Creamy Tahini Nooch Sauce)
    • I like to use tahini or hummus to make salad dressing thicker.
  • If out to eat, I usually get olive oil & vinegar for dressing so I can drizzle onto my salad.
  • Snacking on nuts & seeds.
  • Sprinkling hemp seeds onto a salad or mix in a smoothie – so thick & delish!
  • Sprinkling cacao nibs onto ANYTHING.
  • I eat olives every day on my powerbowls. Love that salty fix!
  • Every night I make a mini powerbowl & add 1-2 TB of nut butter or seed butter for dessert!
  • Oh, & Avocado is amazing on anything & everything.

As you can see, I incorporate servings of healthy fats throughout my day! So easy & so delish!

Some of these can be found at www.iherb.com with my coupon code XUG228 for new users!

Finally, F is for FRIENDSHIP….


Remember that big announcement I mentioned in this post?

Well, Heather & I have such an amazing friendship & what makes it that more amazing is that we’ve never met in person.

A lot of bloggers I feel very connected to because we all share our stories daily and are able to relate. I never thought that starting my blog would lead to my future career, create opportunities for me, & I definitely didn’t realize how I could create such amazing relationships with other bloggers. Heather was definitely brought into my life for a reason – I think I talk to her on the phone more than my boyfriend…sorry coreycakes! Winking smile Heather & I are different but our differences definitely bond us. We embrace them & are inspired by each other daily.

Our big announcement? Well, in two weeks I am traveling to finally MEET HEATHER!!

This year I wrote down my goals – business & personal ones.

On the top of the list was to fly out to meet Heather & in two weeks this will finally happen!

If anyone is from the Boston/Rhode Island area – we are going to plan a #plantPOWER meet up probably on Friday Feb. 22nd!

More details will come but for now I am so looking forward to this!

Friendship is such an important thing in life & I am blessed to call many of you friends Red heart


Let’s talk!

What is your favorite healthy fat??

Do you write down goals?

What are some of yours for this year?