February 27, 2013 -
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Hello everyone! I cannot believe that #plantPOWER Challenge Round 2 is coming to an end! This does not mean that the plant lovin’ has to stop though; please continue to tweet us your pics with the hashtag #plantPOWER so we can all continue to inspire one another that plants don’t have to be boring! Heather & I are so happy that you all enjoyed this challenge. We have huge plans for the future & thanks to you – we are able to start our planning for the next one!

Before we get to the WINNERS of all of the Giveaways …

I wanted to remind you that another challenge is starting March 4th!
I will be hosting a
Challenge Loop #PowerbowlADay challenge via IDEA Fitness.


How you can join in & spread the word:

    • Read the Details of the challenge
    • Download the APP here
    • (or) Join in on the website here


Now onto the WINNER REVEAL!


*Thank you to everyone who entered.

*The winners were selected from all forms entries


Almond Breeze Giveaway


  1. Kaylee @kkayleee (blog entry)
  2. @melrenee13 (Instagram)


Brad’s Raw Foods Giveaway


  1. Hayley @hayley_caslin (twitter)
  2. Kristin  (blog entry)



Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina Giveaway


  • Winner: Annie Heiss @AvocadoAthlete (Twitter)


Real Food BARRE Giveaway


  • Winner: Brittany Barr @BarrToTable (Twitter)


Headband BAMR Giveaway



Julieanna Hever Book Giveaway


  1. April Pinkney (blog entry)
  2. @ClayBerg485 (Instagram)
  3. @TrainLikeAChamp (Instagram)
  4. Mary Gallagher (blog entry)
  5. Maya Craig (blog entry)


Mary’s Gone Crackers Giveaway



  1. Devyn (blog entry)


       2. Ali (blog entry)



NRG Matrix Giveaway

nrg matrix giv

3 Winners:

  1. @Angelee0801 (Instagram)
  2. Alexis @FitPossible (twitter)
  3. JessicaLynne118 (Instagram)


Shakeology Giveaway


Winner: Kim Perry @KPTonesItUp (Blog Entry)


VEGA Giveaway


3 Winners:

  1. @Clean_Lovin (Instagram)
  2. @JenniferP1980 (Instagram)
  3. @Janinebruno415 (Instagram)


Overall Grand Prize

  • Thank you to Origami Owl for offering the grand prize winner an awesome locket.
  • These are super adorable & Heather & I both really enjoy ours!
  • Everyone did such an amazing job so it was hard to pick a winner, but, someone really went above & beyond throughout this whole month & it did not go unnoticed.


Overall Winner: Megan @gamene


Congrats to all of the winners & a GOOD JOB goes to everyone who participated, read along, & entered the #plantPOWER Challenge! You are all the reason behind what Heather & I do. So, thank YOU for being a part of this amazing challenge & I hope you saw that plants don’t have to be boring! Feeding our bodies with plants (regardless if you’re 100% plant based or not) is a great attribute to overall health.


We are blown away by all of the creativity that you all had during this month!

Big things to come with #plantPOWER so keep an eye out in the future!


A huge thank you goes to the companies who participated in, sponsored, & donated to the #plantPOWER Challenge!
We appreciate you being a part of this & we hope to continue to help spread the word of genuine companies & products.


If you won one of the Giveaways:

  • E-mail your name & address to Heather@ForTheLoveOfKale.com 
  • We will then relay that information to the companies so you can receive your prize!


*Also, Heather wanted to share that her mentor Gabby Bernstein will be hosting a FREE virtual conference with over TWENTY of the most inspirational thought leaders of our generation. You can join Heather & sign up with this link [here]!


Be true to you,

Red heart Kasey