Z is for…NEW CHALLENGE & finding your Zen.

February 26, 2013 -
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Good morning loves! Red heart 

As always, starting off with the Instagram highlights!


gosh, I LOVE when someone makes a recipe of mine- such a cool feeling.

Also, speaking of POWERBOWLS…Big announcement!!

My friends at IDEA & I are teaming up to bring to you a

POWERBOWL A DAY CHALLENGE starting on March 4th!


Just click ACCEPT CHALLENGE and you will be able to join in to the POWERBOWL A DAY!


  • This challenge will focus on challenging yourself to eat one POWERBOWL a day! What is a POWERBOWL? A Powerbowl is a bowl filled with power foods. These can be veggie based (like a salad) or any other “powerful” ingredients you can put together into a bowl! Everyday, I try to incorporate multiple servings of veggies. I tend to open my fridge & chop up whatever we have, throw it into a bowl, & call it a POWERBOWL! I also make “dessert” powerbowls of fruit, oats, chia puddings, or anything healthy that can satisfy my sweet tooth. POWERBOWL creations are endless any time of the day!


Everyday from March 4th – 31st, challenge yourself to eat a POWERBOWL of your choice.

  • Upload a picture or leave a comment of your own POWERBOWL creation to share with me & the other participants by downloading the iPhone app or coming to the site every day to post.
  • I will choose the winners at random who show that they completed the #PowerbowlADay on the challenge page to receive the prizes below!
  • You must post at least 8 times on the challenge page in order to be eligible to win.
  • The official hash tag for this challenge is #PowerbowlADay


(feel free to repost this image!)


  • (2) winners will receive a blue or green slub hoodie courtesy of BN SHAPE CLOTHING
  • (1) winner will receive a Nutrex-Hawaii Spirulina Prize Pack which includes [BioAstin Astaxanthin, Spirulina Powder, Drawstring bag, t-shirt, hat & books]

I cannot wait to start this – so please spread the word so we can all continue with our Powerbowl lovin’ !!

So, I cannot believe that today is Z day, the last letter of #plantPOWER!


This does not mean that it is our “last day” of plant power though because this community & creativity does NOT have to stop here!! Let’s continue to inspire each other daily with pictures & feeding our body with plants & motivation!

Speaking of inspiring each other – I have to talk about how Heather has truly helped me.

(I will be posting a recap of our trip this week) But, today I want to talk about finding ZEN.


On the left, what I actually look like while doing Yoga.

On the right, what I THINK I look like doing Yoga.

Regardless, whether it’s yoga or just taking a deep breath – finding your own Zen is such a healing feeling.

What is Zen?

Zen emphasizes enlightenment through meditation and insight.

I personally think we all have our own “Zen” and I have to say that Heather truly helped me find my own. In years past, I never really focused on meditation or insight. Something that I truly believe in now is that situations that happen every day aren’t just situations…they are truly lessons or miracles right in front of us waiting to be noticed. If you think about something, say a dream or goal of yours, don’t you actually envision it in your head? I know that one day I want to really get into cooking shows…in my head I can picture exactly what I will be doing, what it will look like, what I can cook, what I will say, how it will look…but in reality, that’s not just a dream. That is me seeing my future & envisioning my reality. Instead of just thinking about it, that is our way of seeing what we WILL do – IF we take the chance & work to achieve it!


I’ve mentioned before that my Grandpa (who uses an iPhone & is a working man) sends me the quote of the day every morning. He is amazing. I couldn’t help but think “wow, this quote is super ironic.” But really, it’s not ironic, it was meant to be because I’m learning to let go & good things will come because I’m choosing to look at situations differently. Pap never ceases to amaze me with his support for what I am doing.

me pap

Another part of finding Zen, is facing our fears to open up our feelings. What scares you the most?  Take that fear and face it head on with love. Sounds cliché but it’s hard to understand the feeling of truly letting go until you face what you fear the most. It honestly may not be as scary as you once thought it was. I can truly say that I challenged myself to face a fear & that weight is no longer on my shoulders. It was meant to be that I was with Heather when I was faced with a fear & she helped me look at it in a completely different way. Instead of feeling anxious & worried over a situation that didn’t even happen yet, I approached the situation with a deep breath & a clear mind. I gave love to the thing that I feared the most & guess what…I seriously felt the anxiety drift away.


It is UNREAL how things can change if we just change how we think about them. I like, can’t get over it. Can you tell? I’m a changed person…for the better. Meeting Heather was meant to be & we cannot wait to move forward together on a new journey – JUST WAIT until you see what we’ve got coming! Also, check out her ZESTY recipe from today’s post!


If you just LET GO & let it happen – I swear you’ll be amazed.

Don’t forget you have a FEW MORE HOURS to enter the GIVEAWAYS!

You have until TODAY at 5:00 p.m. EST to enter ALL giveaways! GOOD LUCK!!


Will you be joining in the #PowerbowlADay challenge?

Do you work on finding your own Zen?

Have you entered the giveaways!?