CrossFit Games Open Wod 13.1 Recap

March 8, 2013 -
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Happy Friday everyone! As usual, I am loving the #PowerbowlADay challenge & all of the awesome combos you are creating!

I posted mine to Instagram last night after posting it to the Challenge Loop App!


Base of Kale topped with bell peppers, kalamata olives, black eyed peas, red onion, fresh basil, pea shoots,
& topped with wild rice with baba ghannouj from Whole Foods! (eggplant spread) That stuff is so amazing.

You can still join in the fun:

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  • (or) Join in on the website here

This #Powerbowl was perfect fuel for my CrossFit workout last night.

Speaking of that – let’s chat about my love of this amazing community.

For those who don’t know, I mentioned in my Reebok DMX Sky shoe review, that the 2013 CrossFit Games Open started last night.


Pretty pumped to rock my new shoes at some upcoming WODS.

Basically ANYONE could’ve joined by registering for the Open. CrossFit Games –  Wednesday night, after my 7pm WOD – I stayed after to watch a few of my fellow crossfitters get after the first OPEN WOD 13.1 that was posted at 8pm that night! We all gathered around the computer screen to watch them reveal the first workout as if we were waiting for the ball to drop on New Years Eve.

As explained, I joined my box in attempting this WOD last night.


When I first saw this – I thought to myself….

um, there is no way. A 75lb snatch is my one rep Max.

[If you’re not sure what a snatch is, you can watch my girl crush Andrea Ager do one here.]

Therefore, I thought, I wouldn’t even make it half way through the workout or I’d be lucky to get one 75lb snatch.

Then, I heard my girl Heather’s voice in my head saying “Get out of your own way, Kasey & think positive!”


The workout started with 40 burpees, where I became real good friends with the floor.


With each burpee, you had to jump & hit a target 6 inches above your head.
Or you can look like you’re dancing to the YMCA.


After 40 burpees, women had to do 30 45lb snatches.
I promise I don’t always look that confused.
Then it was back to for 30 more burpees.

After those, I took off my 5lb plates & put on my 20lbs on each side.

I tried to think to myself – just pick that bar up over your head – NBD, right?!


I ended up repping out 8 at 75lbs! Which may not be setting any CrossFit Game records; but it’s a new Personal Record in my book!

When I first started CrossFit, I could do 75lbs ONE TIME as my max. Last night, I did 8! And that was after 70 burpees & 30 previous snatches.

I always tell my clients “You are stronger than you think you are!” & sometimes I need to take my own advice! Winking smile I cannot wait to see more improvements & share them with you all. Special shout to Michele for taking these awesome pictures. We both were able to capture some pretty awesome moments that I def. wanted to share with you all for some motivation!








This is just small sample of the inspirational athletes I watched last night.

Special shout out to all of the CrossFitters who CRUSHED this workout last night and who will be crushing it!

Seeing everyone cheering for each other, setting PR’s, and staying hours after their WOD to support one another is such a cool experience.


My plan is to high light these workouts every week so keep an eye out & GET AFTER IT with whatever workout you do today!

Be true to you,

Red heart Kasey



Have you set a new PR lately? I’d love to hear about it!!