Mirrorless Monday Moment & Coffee talk!

April 16, 2012 -
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hi all!Winking smile
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I first wanted to share that I’ve been teaching YOGA in my PE classes lately,
& today it was so beautiful outside that the one class requested that we go outside
for class. So, I had a group of about 10 students (including one boy!) doing Yoga
out on the High School football field! I thought to myself….
how can this be “work” if you truly love what you do?

Alright, that was my side-note of the day!



(you can check out all of my #mirrorlessmonday posts here)

& you know that means when you look in the mirror,
instead of seeing things you want to change,
notice the changes you’ve already made!

don’t forget to tweet me @POWERCAKES with #MirrorlessMonday
& let me know what you’re proud of today!

So here is a throwback video from the beginning of March when I worked at the Arnold Classic
for the CRONS Brand – which stands for
(Come Ready Or Never Start)

If you watch the video, I explain the MIRRORLESS MONDAY Moment
that I experienced and how my friends & support helped me realize that
I was proud of what I’ve worked for so far! Winking smile


Coffee Talk with Kasey, Courtney, & Sarah!

A little blurry, but a picture from the day and in the outfit that I had the “moment” with!


What are you proud of today?

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11 responses to “Mirrorless Monday Moment & Coffee talk!”

  1. Love it!!! You look amazing & you should be VERY PROUD!

  2. Kattreena says:

    Girl, you are a total inspiration and should be super proud! I’m working towards having less of these “moments!” I’m proud of the fact that I read all of these blogs (including yours!) for support! It’s totally okay to ask for advice or support! 🙂 #MirrorlessMonday

  3. Jessica says:

    What am I proud of today? I gave a lot of thought to this because I want it to be something that I really am proud of and I came to a conclusion.

    I am proud of my commitment to be healthy: proud that I wake up (at the butt-crack of dawn) to go work out before I teach; proud that I take time to make delicious and nutritious meals each day rather than settling for fast food or microwavable dinners; proud that I am bold about my healthy living choices and don’t get embarrassed (anymore) when people ask me what I am eating; proud that my bones and joints and muscles love me for the way I nourish them and reward me with the ability to work out and move. So yea, I am proud of my commitment and dedication to being healthy- something I believe will help me make a difference now.

    Thanks for all your encouragement and responding to my emails… even when I am annoyingly full of questions 🙂

  4. Alexandra says:

    Love that video! Y’all are too cute 🙂
    And umm holy abs you look awesome girl, you should be so proud of your hard work!

  5. today i am most proud of my legs. even though my calves are sore as heck for reasons i don’t know why. they’re still strong and get me from place to place 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    You should be proud. You’ve worked hard. We’re our own worst critics. I’m proud for still getting my workout on at 5 am. Even though I went to bed at 2 last night. Have a good day.

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  8. girl, i just freakin’ love you. i swear we’d be BFFs. 😉 great video – we all have our moments and it’s important to acknowledge them. but you work SO hard and have an incredible mind, soul, and body to show for it!!! <3

  9. Dilly says:

    This makes evirytheng so completely painless.

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