Powerbowls and Kabocha Squash & Hummus Tacos! #HiitDiet

September 19, 2013 -
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Hi all! Hope you’re having a great week! This was a jam-packed one for me & it just keeps rollin’! Started this week off with an awesome Leg Workout with bittie then had a GREAT workout focusing on back/biceps yesterday.


Before we get to that, today my recipe for KABOCHA SQUASH  & HUMMUS TACOS is live on the Daily Hiit Blog! We all know that I have a Kabocha Love so it only seemed right to add in my beloved obsession to these tacos.


This was delicious & I’m so glad I came across how to make brown rice tortilla tacos! Head on over and check out the post if you can – the support is always appreciated!



So back to fitness – lately, since I’m making sure to really fuel my body with enough food, my workouts have felt amazing! To have the right energy from those carbs that most people fear, is something I am really embracing. For the record, there has been no weight gain ever since I’ve upped my carbs. If anything, my muscles are loving them & I’ve got so much energy! Again, find an amount that works for YOU. Everyone is different so be inspired by others to find your balance.


My great workout focused on back & biceps lots of variations of the basic pull ups, rows, curls, & pulling moves. Followed by a#gymselfie with my usual Under Armour Monza shoes & favorite spin tank. My workout was followed by a pit stop on the way to the grocery store to get my new Starbucks obsession thanks to bittie.


2 pumps of pumpkin spice with iced black coffee
& I added some liquid stevia

It was perfect to wash down my delish #powerbowlchallenge with veggies mixed a dressing of nooch, dijon, apple cider vinegar, hummus, liquid stevia, & seasonings topped with leftover tuna steak from last nights dinner with the girls, olives, & a side of a @food_for_life gluten free English muffin topped with more hummus & tuna steak. Gotta fuel your body!!

Got my Carbs ✔ Fats✔ Protein✔ Coffee✔ & Sunshine✔

Ended the night at a fundraiser for Military Connections (militaryconnections.org) where for $10 you can sponsor a Soldier or Marine for the holidays where they will be sending stockings overseas this year! We’ve attended the past two years thanks to my Pap (hi Pap!) to help out this great cause.

Speaking of the above powerbowl, I am way over-do to highlight some of YOU for the [Powerbowl Challenge].






Everyday I am inspired by these creations! Awesome job everyone Winking smile


Side note: Don’t forget to take the UA Sports Bra Quiz & GIVEAWAY before the end of tomorrow! Good luck!


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Do you find that when you fuel your body you have more energy?

What’s your favorite go-to energy food?