Wait, it’s only a Tuesday!?

September 18, 2013 -
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Even though the title says Tuesday, happy Wednesday everyone! Yesterday turned out to be an epic day & I kept asking, it’s only just a Tuesday? Meaning, it felt like a fun weekend day filled with teaching, a workout, starbucks, & dinner date all with my bittie Sarah.

My class went great at GNC & everyone worked so hard! It’s always a bit scary going into a new situation but you just have to be confident in your abilities to help & teach others and once the class came in my adrenaline started pumping and before you know it I was running around the room cheering everyone on as they worked in each set-up station.

After a great afternoon, I was on my way to meet my girl Sarah for a workout. She is in nursing school (and just got engaged! woo!) so she’s been super busy but was working at a local hospital two days in a row so my house was her home for the night.


[Mid Box Jump]

We did an AWESOME leg day together! This girl is a marathon running machine & ran 3 miles before I got there. One of the gym employees said to me as a I walked in, “your buddies been here for a little while – she’s probably all worn out by now!” and I said, “Oh no that girl, she can run marathons.” Seriously! haha my nickname for her in college was the energizer bunny & she runs marathons.

Our workout started with weighted Step Ups while super setting with Split Squat Torso Twists.


[lovin’ that tweet!]

1) Start in a split squat stance holding a weight out in front (we used 10lbs)

2) Slowly go down into a split squat while twisting the weight over your leg.

Really focus on the torso twisting while you dig through that front heel of your foot.

-We did 10 on each leg in between our 20 step ups for a total of 3 rounds.


We then moved to the smith machine where I like to get creative.

3 Rounds of these 3 Exercises:

1) Glute Pushes 

put down a mat for your knees.

-Have a spotter help you unrack the bar then press straight up with your heel.

-Make sure your spotter keeps a hand on the bar so it doesn’t spin back & re-rack.

2) Calf Raises

3) Lunge Knee Raises

-Using the smith machine, go into a lunge then swing (controlled) the knee up & contract your core before stepping your foot back into a lunge again.

I honestly don’t go SUPER DUPER heavy with these movements. I focus on a mind muscle connection where I really take the movements slow & controlled where I actually FEEL the muscles working. I truly believe it’s so key to have proper form & not just try to be fast.


Rocking my awkward cheese face & leg bruise – not sure where that came from?! woops! & my UA Monza Shoes which I love these for leg day because of the FLAT bottom! They really help with squats, lunges, & other leg press movements where you push through the heel. The tank is Strappy Lux & my shorts are the get set go shorts.

Our Final Circuit was 3 rounds of:

1) Narrow Leg Press

– Place feet together & press while the legs are touching.

2) Leg Extensions

3) 20 Box Jumps


We then finished with a GREAT trampoline & ab workout – LAUGHTER.
Which is a usual between the two of us.


After the workout we had some time to kill before dinner so we, of course, headed to Starbucks! On the way I just so happen to have my new All Pro Science Veggie protein powder with me (since I literally live out of my car). I mixed some of the berry blast with water & then munched on some rice cakes since that’s what I had in my bookbag! I always need something after a workout so this carb/protein mix was a good snack before dinner.


They also just launched their Dutch Chocolate flavor
which I will be coming up with some recipes to share for sure!

You can use coupon code CAKE25 for a 40% discount at checkout! Thanks APS!


Before I forget, I have to tell you about a new DELISH drink choice that Sarah taught me to order at Starbucks! She gets two pumps of pumpkin with blonde roast coffee then adds her own stevia & cinnamon.

After she ordered, I just said “yeah, I’ll take whatever she just ordered!” Winking smile
It’s a great idea for those who want the pumpkin but not all of the milk in the latte. We enjoyed this bittie pumpkin spices while we ran into a friend from college!

Next up on this EPIC Tuesday was our favorite place, Alladin’s to meet up with our girl Jen & Mamcakes for dinner.


A plethora of baba, hummus, veggies, & pita were enjoyed
before ordering our delicious salads.


I just adore my girl Jen! She’s a bright light in my life.


As well as my sister from another mother & mamacakes.


Mamacakes & her second daughter, aka miss Hollywood, Sarah.


Not only two of my best friends but these girls are two of my biggest inspirations. They support everything I do and I will ALWAYS support them in whatever they do. They have accomplished so much in life & have such bright futures ahead of them. I am so thankful to have them in my life.

As you can see, this wasn’t a typical Tuesday – although I wish every day could be like this! Right? But it was exactly what we needed. Before bed, Sarah gave me a hug & said “this is exactly what I needed to recharge” and it’s so true! Sometimes we all get so busy with life & responsibilities that just taking a few hours to laugh, workout, enjoy good food, good conversation, & chat the night away is exactly what you need to feel refreshed.

I hope you have one of these days soon because I think they are part of a powerful lifestyle Winking smile 

Enjoy your day!


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Have you had a not so typical day lately where you just felt recharged & refreshed after?