Reebok DMX Sky Shoe Review!

March 7, 2013 -
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Hi everyone! So glad you enjoyed my Arnold Recap of 2013! It was such a great weekend & I am still catching up on everything this week. Oh the life of a blogger/entrepreneur! Winking smile  Speaking of that, just WAIT until you see what Heather & I have coming up soon. Our minds never stop working & I promise it is worth the wait to see what we’ve got up our sleeves!

If you’ve been following the #PowerbowlADay challenge – it is turning into everything I imagined! You all are rocking this & being so creative that I had to step up my game! Don’t forget you can still join in!!


*Base of a NEW recipe I will be sharing this weekend!
Topped with black eyed peas, green onions, tomatoes, wild rice, & pea shoots!

This #Powerbowl is a great way to refuel after you do an awesome workout…
and having a new pair of shoes to wear always makes any workout better! Right? Winking smile

I wanted to tell you about some awesome new kicks I was able to review thanks to Reebok!

I will let this colorful picture be my intro


Psh, talk about a love affair of color meets comfort! I am obsessed.

When I first opened the box & saw these vibrant colors – I was instantly happy.

I proceeded to take them out of the box & put them right onto my size 8 feet.

As I strut my stuff around my kitchen – I seriously felt like I was walking with such ease. These shoes have this crazy good way of making your foot feel so cushioned that you can crush any workout. I really wanted to test these shoes out properly so obviously my workout of choice that day was an at home workout of squats, lunges, double unders, & tuck jumps. I will tell you that these shoes definitely lived up to my expectations, if not more.


Yes that is a bruise on my right leg, #CrossFitProblems

The cushion of the shoes totally supports each of these jumping movements! I really enjoyed them when I was doing double unders because it gave me just enough bounce & support to do multiple jumps unbroken.


Another key point to these shoes is the rounded front near the toe – may seem like a small detail but it made a HUGE difference. It allowed my foot to move without me tripping over the front of my shoe…which my clumsiness probably doesn’t help the situation BUT still – I appreciated that aspect. Especially when I was stretching after my workout & hung out in downward dog for a good 30 minutes 5 minute cool down Winking smile

So, if you can’t tell – I’m a fan of these shoes. The DMX Sky shoes made my feet feel “stable” yet “moveable” at the same time. I’m not a fan of feeling like I’m wearing lead weights around my feet. The Reebok DMX Sky shoes were the perfect combination of structure yet freedom to let my feet do what they pleased.


Oh, AND they are obviously super cute.

I would totally wear these to run errands or one of my favorite hobbies, grocery shopping.


So many colors to to choose from!

If you’d like more information on these colorful, ventilated, comfortable, & supported shoe – check out this link here!


You can also search under the hashtag #LiveWithFire to get totally inspired by others who are living this inspirational lifestyle!

Thank you Reebok for the opportunity to try out these amazing shoes – I’m definitely a fan! Also, for those who have been following the CrossFit Games – The OPEN Started today! Last night, after my 7pm CrossFit workout – I stayed after to watch a few of my fellow crossfitters get after the first OPEN WOD 13.1 that was posted at 8pm last night! We all gathered around the computer screen to watch them reveal the first workout. I will be attempting this tonight & can’t wait to do it while supporting everyone else who is sharing this experience with me! Such a great way to be motivated. I’ll be sharing about this tomorrow!

So, go grab yourself a pair of Reebok DMX Sky shoes & GET AFTER IT! Winking smile


Be true to you,

Red heart Kasey



*I received the DMX Sky shoes for reviewing purposes via Reebok & FitFluential LLC. All opinions are my own.