Baltimore Trip & Cheesy Old Bay Kale Chips!

September 27, 2013 -
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ahhh it’s Friday already!? Where has this week gone!? I swear it was just Monday. Ever have a week just fly by so fast you feel like you can’t keep up? That’s me this week. I feel like my to-do list hasn’t budged even though I’ve been non-stop all week!

Maybe it’s because we were traveling Sunday back from Baltimore & I didn’t get that “prep” day like I usually do. BUT I am absolutely not complaining because the trip was great, even if I’m just getting around to posting about it almost a week later! Winking smile

My Godfather Georgie lives in Maryland with his wife, Julie, & their two kids, Megan & Shawn! My dad & Georgie are first cousins so we’ve always been super close with them! We decided to take a weekend trip to visit them & also got to stop by my favorite place, Under Armour, & see one of my favorite girls, Jami, while we we’re there. All of my favorites in one city!


Kind of reminiscent of this picture from my last trip
which you can check out [
Part One] & [Part Two] Recap at those links!

I spent most of the weekend being a backseat passenger while enjoying the company of my parents. It’s only a 5 hour drive so the traveling wasn’t too bad!


For breakfast I had some TeeChia super seeds cereal that I got from the IDEA World Convention. I heated some up with some water, added berries, bananas, & two poached eggs for some #POWERBOWL fuel for the day!

We spent most of our Saturday watching my cousin’s play soccer before the rain moved in. The rain changed our plans that we originally had to go down to the inner harbor to visit Jami.


We hung out on my cousin’s adorable porch for a while as we waited to see if the weather would change, but we changed our plans to head to the Inner Harbor on Sunday instead.

A rainy night meant it was perfect timing to order in & play Apples to Apples all night!


The Big Dogs card always makes me laugh because in elementary school myself & my group of girlfriends would call ourselves the “Big Dogs”. I was Big Dog #1 since I was the oldest! Too funny.

Honestly, we laughed more than I’ve laughed in a really long time. You know those laughs that literally take your breath away? I swear they are the best ab workouts! Winking smile To me, there is nothing better than laughing.


Dinner was take out from a local place. I got a huge tuna steak salad with grilled onions, russet potatoes, & candied walnuts! Also a side of OLD BAY (my favorite) shrimp & red wine. DELISH.


I brought along some BARRE’s from my girl Julia’s company & it made the perfect dessert later on.


I made a mini-POWERBOWL of a Spirulina Ballerina BARRE with some Mary’s Gone Crackers (from coupon code XUG228), & some more walnuts! I honestly haven’t had walnuts in a while & they just tasted so good.


The next morning the sunshine decided to make an appearance! After a pit stop at Dunkin’ for some iced coff, we headed to Baltimore to see my girl Jami & take my family on a tour of Under Armour!


Pulling up to the campus & seeing this bridge always gets me SUPER excited.


It turned out to be a GORGEOUS day so we hung out by the water after showing my family around. Jami is such a rock star & it is always so awesome to see her.


After our visit we traveled across the water for brunch. We, of course, had to pit-stop to snap a picture of UA from across the water.


On our ride out of the city we drove by the Old Bay Garage and I couldn’t help but take a picture of my favorite seasoning!

It was such a great weekend & a nice change of atmosphere with the family. I must have caught the “Maryland Bug” because I’ve been putting OLD BAY on everything this week! (which is a normal thing for me anyway)

I swear to you that I discovered the most AMAZING combo least in my opinion Winking smile I made Cheesy Kale Chips & added Old Bay which took it to a whole other level of flavor.


I served them along side a new Tofu Scramble recipe with some Sami’s bakery bread, hummus, & kraut! I will be posting about the other recipes tomorrow.

Kale Chips:

  • 1 bunch of Chopped Kale Leaves without the stem.
  • Spray or Oil of choice
  • 2 TB Nutritional Yeast (coupon code XUG228 at
  • Sprinkling to taste of Old Bay Seasoning
  • Pepper to taste


  1. Wash & dry the kale leaves
  2. Spray with spray or coat with oil
  3. Sprinkle with nooch (nutritional yeast), old bay, & pepper
  4. Massage the ingredients into the kale & then proceed to wash your hands!
  5. Spread out onto a baking sheet
  6. Bake at 425 for about 8-12 minutes depending on how crunchy you want them

If you’re a fan of old bay, I think the addition of the “cheesy” nutritional yeast is something you will definitely enjoy!

Have a great Friday!


Red heart Kasey


What is your favorite seasoning?

Growing up, Papacakes always used dill & old bay on EGGS! It is the best. Corey likes to call them “Kasey eggs” whenever I make them for him because of the seasoning combo that I learned from my dad.