Under Armour Trip Recap [Part 1]

August 24, 2013 -
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Hello everyone! I apologize for being so delayed on my recap post of my amazing trip to Under Armour but ever since I got home, I’ve been non-stop! Thank goodness I have such amazing & patient readers Winking smile 

For those who have been following, I recently was just sent to Under Armour Headquarters as a FitFluential finalist prize for the What’s Beautiful campaign. Myself, Electra, Tasha, & Heather all got chosen to experience this two day trip & it was something I will never, ever, forget.

Thanks to my wonderful iPhone, I was able to capture the whole trip as it was happening. Isn’t is amazing how technology allows us to share our lives with a touch of a button or a snap of a picture? Throughout our two days, we were followed (in a non-creepy way) by the UA Photographer, Matt Ryb. We are allowed to share those 700+ pictures with you (and TRUST ME, they are all AWESOME) so below you will find a mix of Matt’s pictures & my own for a DAY ONE recap. Because honestly, if I put the whole recap in one post my computer my crash. [oops, time to get a new one! Winking smile]


I want to start off by saying that I have already been loving Under Armour based on their commitment to connecting with the consumer. Throughout the What’s Beautiful campaign, I was impressed by how much detail they put into creating this #IWILL community. Once arriving to the campus, I was not surprised that they also treated each other with the same commitment & respect.

The atmosphere at Under Armour was
unlike any other workplace I had been in.

The walls are decorated with huge images of athletes, sports teams, females, males, hunters (duck dynasty anyone?), & each corner was filled with manikins covered in the latest UA gear.

The buildings were open, bright, & inviting which made you feel like you were more than welcome; and the welcome screen made sure we felt it!


After meeting with the adorable Jami, who is an absolute ROCK STAR with taking care of us the whole trip, we headed right to a workout with UA Trainer, Chris Welsh.


Before diving into a workout, we each had an assigned locker stocked with UA Gear, water bottle, shoes, & head gear to rock during the workout!


*Insert the “I’m so happy cheeeeeese face here.”

Before the workout started, we were introduced to the Armour 39, which is Under Armour’s own heart rate monitor to test your WILL POWER. We came to find out that this is MUCH more than just your average heart rate monitor.


The strap can detect your work level & can even notices the change in your direction. For example, when you’re in a push-up position it will detect how your heart rate changes.


We had to start with a fit test to find our Max Heart Rate. This meant I had to be reunited with my long lost friend, the treadmill. Merp!

1005385_10151810546910342_704225236_nYou start with a few minutes of a jog & increase into faster paces before you are at a full 100% sprint for 1 min & 30 seconds. And if you’ve ever maxed out before with a sprint, 1min & 30 seconds it a LONG time; Helloooo jell-o legs!Winking smile It then will note how long it takes you to recover fully after hitting your max. Isn’t technology the coolest?


Another awesome addition to the armour 39 is that all of the info synchs to your iPhone where my man, Todd Durkin, is the voice that coaches you through your fit test.


We then headed outside to really start our workout – you mean that 90 second max sprint wasn’t our workout? [thoughts that go through your head as you can’t feel your body moving]


[Trainer Chris Welsh put us through an awesome
circuit workout right by the Harbor!]


He explained to us how you literally could go to California & back with the Armour 39 on & it wouldn’t lose your data.


It has a 16 hour window so once you reunite with your long lost iPhone after a workout, it will then synch all of your info!


[I was obviously amazed by this.]


[Jami snapped a good one of us in action with her iPhone]


[Got to use some new equipment like the TRX jump sticks]


[Tasha killin’ it with the plank 1 arm rows!]


[Lunge with plate torso twist]


[Electra on the ladders & Heather doing twists]


[Chest Press with front lunge]


[Torso Twist With Lunge]


[finished the workout with some football fun!]

Brought me back to my intramural football days in college –
where we won finals my senior year for Co-Ed!
#SideStory shout out the “Booty Shakers” (our team name)


[Chris broke it DOWN after our workout with
an awesome “Protect This House” chant!]


[Of course us FitFluential ladies broke it down with an #IWILL]

After a much needed shower & wardrobe change into some clean UA gear – we were off to be a part of some awesome presentations by all of the different departments in Under Armour.

Before getting into the room it was time to #REFUEL for sure.


[Berry salad topped with goat cheese, side of brown rice, & amazing grilled salmon.]

We then got to listen to presentations given by a variety of departments such as shoes, apparel, headwear, marketing, & social media teams! It was so awesome that they valued our opinion so much as a consumer & really listened to our input on new & upcoming products.

With being an Ambassador, I will be able to test out these products & provide honest feedback & features to all of YOU! We are including a link on my site as well to where you can purchase UA gear and I will do my best to provide you with as much info as possible about the items throughout my posts!


After lunch & presentations, we were then handed a gift card to shop at the UA Brand House – which is the Under Armour store right in the Harbor in Baltimore!


It was like fitness lover’s play ground in there.



Electra & myself having too much fun Winking smile


Bras, towels, shoes, & so much more.


Fact: headbands make me happy.


Fact: Tall socks make me really happy.


The wonderful UA Brand House peeps picked out some outfits for us to try on.


My favorite tank was the Spin tank!
Cool news – in a little while you’ll be able to order items right through my site.
Technology wins again!


Made our girl Jami get in some pictures!


Hanging out with some Brand House Employees!
HUGE thank you to them – they were so so helpful!!


Got back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner &
were greeted with adorable UA Baltimore baskets!


Electra & myself wearing something other than yoga pants – shocking, right?

I think half of  my “real clothes” end up collecting dust in my closet.


The four of us at dinner at Ozuo Bay Red heart


Enjoyed some amazing apps like tomato lima beans & ahi tuna tartar.


I had the most amazing scallops I’ve everrrrr had
along with some HUGE roasted veggies.

That is my kind of side dish right there!

We spent the rest of the evening chatting away with the harbor breeze flowing right through the open windows at Ozuo Bay. It was such a cool restaurant (new to the Baltimore area). The food & conversation was amazing.

Day one of our trip completely blew me away. We were treated so well & we really felt like we belonged. Jami did an amazing job thinking for us – meaning, this girl was on point! She had everything scheduled & we literally didn’t even have to think. I went to bed feeling so grateful & thinking, “wow, we still have one more day at this amazing place?”

Day TWO recap will be up next – keep an eye (or two) out!


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