Rediscovering my love for Stuffed Pepper Soup & my new workout partner!

March 27, 2014 -
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Hey all! Are you ready for one of my, not so pretty, food pictures? Have you ever had stuffed pepper soup? And the greens are some cheesy kale added on top.

photo 1


Mamacakes makes the best stuffed pepper soup, but, there is a funny story with it because not too long ago I swore I couldn’t eat it again.

So let’s throwback Thursday to when I was a Junior in High School & on my way to get my wisdom teeth out. All 4 were impacted and I had yet to “go under” with anesthesia. Let’s just say….my body reacted wacky with it & I kept falling back to sleep. I remember waking up…then I’d be asleep. (Repeat that cycle about 4 times) before I finally woke up for good, sat up, & got suuuuuuuper nauseas.

I remember apologizing to the nurse about how I felt because I didn’t want to get sick with her – but luckily, I started to feel better. And they totally had to wheel me out in a wheelchair because I honestly couldn’t walk without feeling sick. Go me!

Any who – it was a long 9 days of pain because my one tooth just felt like they were still digging into it. Twas not fun.

So you’re probably wondering where Stuffed Pepper Soup comes into play?

Well, after 3 days of just eating bananas mashed with peanut butter…I was craving something savory! Mamacakes made some Stuffed Pepper Soup so I decided to give it a try. Apparently the soup decided to stick around because I literally tasted it for dayyyysssssss. No matter how much I brushed my teeth, rinsed, & washed – the stuffed pepper soup wasn’t havin it.

Whenever I’d eat bananas….all I could taste was pepper soup.

Berry Smoothie? Nope, stuffed pepper soup.

So I apologize for the lovely post at 730am, BUT the good news is – even after I swore I wouldn’t eat it again – we had it last night & I am so glad that I gave it another chance. SO GOOD. Especially after a day of training & a great afternoon workout with my new workout partner…

Meet little miss Tea Cup Yorkie …. Pizzelle!


photo 3

My mom’s friend & client, Mara, is now a proud mama of little Pizzelle! The picture makes her look bigger than she actually is. Truth is, if you didn’t know she was under you – you may accidently step on the little thing.

Oh, & can I borrow her house for a day? For real.

photo (4)

We went downstairs to workout & wanted to get a sweat on with us….


She loved the bosu ball! Too cute. What an athletic little pup!

I’m off to a morning full of clients before teaching a class then strength & conditioning with the Tennis girls! We’re spinning today – love it!

Happy Thursday & be true to you,

xo Kasey



Have you ever had a funny experience with good but then gave it another chance?



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3 responses to “Rediscovering my love for Stuffed Pepper Soup & my new workout partner!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am not very computer literate but I could NOT find the stuffed pepper soup recipe. Where is it? I clicked on everything I could find.

  2. Kasey says:

    Hi there! No worries – I apologize but it’s my moms recipe so I will ask her and post it on an upcoming post!! 🙂

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