Under Armour Trip Recap [Part Two]

August 26, 2013 -
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Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. To continue on with my Under Armour Trip Recap, I wanted to share with you day TWO of our amazing experience. Day One was full of technology, intense workouts (still sore – thanks Chris!), laughs, ideas, shopping, & so much more.


Day two started off with a calm atmosphere as myself, Electra, Tasha, & Heather met on the upper deck of our hotel to partake in what was a very grateful experience.


Our day two agenda started with an 8am Yoga Sesh. Electra (my roomie) & I woke up, slowly, since our beds at the Four Seasons were SO comfortable. We took a look at our new UA purchases & were super excited to rock some new gear.


Please excuse my bed head but I chose, as if you’re surprised, my new Spin Tank!


After our outfit selection, we made our way outside for yoga with the very talented & adorable instructor, Camille Moses-Allen.


Adorable Under Armour yoga mats were spread out perfectly for us & the hot pink one was calling my name, for sure!


The weather was beyond perfect, calm winds & cool morning air (I’m starting to sound like a meteorologist) – basically it was ideal. Camille led us through a one hour sesh while Mr. Matt Ryb (aka the non-creepy photographer) captured every movement & attempt of a movement Winking smile 











[This is me, apologizing to my hamstrings,
for not properly stretching them after our workout the day before



[This is Electra, being an absolute yoga star]


This is me thinking in my head “dang, I probably look legit right now in this handstand pose” & then actually seeing the picture & thinking “dang, apparently my legs didn’t get the “I’m trying to look cool” memo.”









What a perfect way to kick off our second day?
By this point, our stomachs were talking to us. Time to eat!


*Breakfast at the hotel; egg omelet with veggies, fruit,
side of green salad, gluten free bread, & COFF.

Right after breakfast we had appointments for a MASSAGE! Say whatttt? Massages are those “I wish I could get one every single day” type of treatments. And let me tell youuu – it was one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was super sore from our workout the day before, or that I just haven’t had a legit massage in a while, but it was exactly what I needed.

From the spa treatment we had to check out & then we went back to the UA Campus where we had some more meetings with the marketing teams & some of the What’s Beautiful creators.

It was so cool that they truly did value all of our opinions on everything. The four of us sat at the head of the conference room & were asked to be 100% honest about our ideas, critiques, & concepts for future products.


We, of course, were ready to eat again so we refueled with huge amounts of salads,
beets, goat cheese, brown rice, & berries! Side of legit bottled water.

After the meeting it was time for all of us to catch our flights – so sad because we were all enjoying ourselves so much! We could’ve stayed there all week, or longer! The atmosphere was something I’ve never been a part of before. The four of us worked so well together & we all EMPOWERED one another with our ideas & plans for the future. Amazing!


MAJOR shout-out to my girl Jami! This girl is a ROCK STAR & the trip was flawless thanks to her & her hard work! She is so passionate about what she does & she has a true gift of making connections that is so evident in her work ethic.


A final group picture before heading to our flights! We all didn’t want to say goodbye but we knew it was more like a “see you later” since we have so many fun & exciting plans coming up with Under Armour that we can all work together on!


To sum up my trip in a few words…

I’ll look back on these moments & smile.
Because this is LIFE & I chose to live.”

Every single opportunity that has come my way, I always take a step back & take a moment to see all of the things that led me to this point. The past few years have been a rollercoaster of positives & negatives. I am so grateful for the positives & I am also so thankful for the negatives because with each obstacle I have faced, I made the decision to work through it and overcome to get to my next step. Which leads me to this next quote…

photo (14)

If we let ourselves be stopped by obstacles, how will we ever get to the next step? If we let ourselves get down about something negative, would we really see the opportunities in front of us? My hard work came from my choice to keep moving & keep sharing my gift to help others without letting the obstacles get in my way.

It’s not always easy, and we all have different obstacles, but if we dig deep & find that positive light that comes from within us – you will shine. Why keep that inside? This trip helped me realize to continue to be true to myself while allowing myself to do so. The four of us are so passionate about what we do & it’s so cool to see how we are all staying true to who we are while empowering each other along the way.

During our trip, we learned so much about each other & where we came from. All of our stories are so unique & we all can agree that being honest & sharing our stories, isn’t always easy, but allowed us to let our light shine. I am beyond thankful to Under Armour & FitFluential for this opportunity.


I hope today you’ll take the time to find that something that’s inside of you & let it shine. You never know where it may lead you.


Red heart Kasey