Back, Bicep, & Rowing Power WOD

July 23, 2013 -
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Hi all! I’m glad you enjoyed yesterday’s honest post about fueling your fitness with ENOUGH food. I understand that with so much information out there things can be overwhelming and we all have questions but I truly just think if we listen to our bodies – we are on the right track. I had a conversation with some people yesterday about it and one of my main points I kept coming back to was “don’t over-think it” because the more we over-think, the less we enjoy the process! Enjoy being able to eat foods while nourishing your body. That post wasn’t about telling you what to do – but it was meant to share my story to show that we all struggle with things and you’re not alone.

I also mentioned how I had an awesome workout yesterday before REFUELING with my delicious Sweet Potato Pie POWERTART.

photo 4

With my schedule I’ve been splitting up 3-4 days at the gym with lifting sessions, usually 1 day of hot yoga, and 1-2 days at CrossFit. I personally like switching things up! I love all types of fitness so to create a variety during the week is fun for me.  Also, I love coming up with new workouts I can do, hence one of the reasons why I became a personal trainer Winking smile I love coming up with workouts for my clients as well!

Yesterday I had a great workout with a back & bicep focus.


Rockin’ my Under Armour Tank with UA Lazor Spine Shoes

What’s beautiful is trusting your body & being brave enough to take the steps to make healthier changes. We have the power to create our own goals & achieve them. Sharing your story helps make a difference by inspiring others to do the same.

Back & Bicep Power WOD

500m Row Warm-Up

10 Wide Grip Pull-ups
(assisted with resistance band)

10 1 Arm Dumbbell Row (each arm)

x 4

300m Row Machine 

10 Double Arm Low Row

10 Inverted Rows

x 4

*I used the smith machine bar to
hang off from & pull myself chest to the bar.

*Just like a TRX Row.

300m Row Machine

10 Bicep Curl with bar

10 Hammer Curls

10 “SuperWomans”
(same as a super man)


300m Row Machine

10 Chin-Ups
(I used a resistance band assistance on a pull-up bar)

10 Squat & Row
*with cable machine

*Hold cable handles

*Squat, stand, & row


Finish with 300m Row


Find what weights work for YOU and don’t be afraid to safely challenge yourself.
Take the time to research the movements if you are not sure what they are. has a great database!

This was a fun way to incorporate weights & rowing on the machine.
I have a new found love for rowing!


I wanted to repost this image – it’s one of my favorites!




So true – again, don’t over-think things with worry.

You have the power to change your thought process.


Red heart Kasey

Do you like rowing?

What’s your favorite back/bicep exercise?