Outdoor POWER Plyo & Sprint Workout + Refueling Eats!

July 14, 2013 -
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Good morning all! HAPPY SUNDAY! It’s a gorgeous sunny morning here – hopefully it’s the same for you wherever you are! I wanted to say thank you for all of the kind words on yesterday’s post. Isn’t it nice to know that we’re all not alone in our worries? I am such a fan of positivity and emPOWERING each other & with this community it is so awesome to see others doing the same!

Yesterday I posted on facebook about a very impromptu run that turned into a full out workout.

I had intentions of going for a nice run on the beautiful day which doesn’t happen often for me because I’m honestly not a big runner & totally give props to anyone who is! I laced up my Under Armour Lazer Spine shoes, warmed up with an active warm-up, & started running.


Within a half a mile, I passed the universities football field & bleachers. For me, that’s like a kid in a candy store Winking smile Needless to say my run turned into an all out sprint & plyo workout totaling around 2.5 miles including the warm up & cool down (via the Map My Run App).

I made everything up as I went – which is something I love to do and one of the reasons why I love being a personal trainer. I love to program workouts for my clients based on their goals. I can’t tell you how many notebooks & sticky notes I go through just writing out workouts!

When I got back, I instantly wrote everything down so I wouldn’t forget & so I could share it with you all since you all seemed interested.


*Rocking the Under Armour Spine Lazer Running Shoes from Finish Line!

-If you don’t have a stadium near you- you can use objects to mark out 10yds apart.

Power Plyo & Sprint Outdoor Workout


I truly believe an active warm-up is the best before I run.
I know my body and if I don’t do a proper warm-up then I really feel it after & am super tight.

  • Start with a warm-up for about 3-5 minutes of active stretching.
  • I included about 20-30 reps of each;
    • front kicks, air squats, mountain climbers, high knees, & butt kicks.

Jog about a half mile

  • (this is how long it took me to get to the stadium)

Stairs (bleachers) x 10 reps

  • Jog down the stairs + up the stairs = 1 rep

Football Field Sprints x 10 (100yds each)

  • Jog from end line to the 10yd marker & then kick it in until you reach the other 10yd line on the opposite side of the field.
  • Slow down your pace from that 10yd line to the end zone.
  • Rest for 15-20 seconds (or more if you need) between sprints.

POWER Plyos  (2 rounds each)

(15 second rest between each round)

  1. Walking Lunge from the end line to the 50yd line + Jog the remaining 50yds.
  2. Side Squat Hops to the 50yd line + Jog the remaining 50yds.
    • Side Squat Hop = stand sideways, step your foot out to your side and go into a side squat, move the back leg to meet the front leg as you hop into the next side squat.
    • I did one round with the right side leading & the second round with the left leg leading.
  3. Quick High Knees to the 50yd line + jog the remaining 50yds.

Cool Down/Finisher – Line Touches (50-60% effort/speed)

  • Start at the end line & jog to the 10yd line.
  • Touch the 10 yd line & return to the end line.
  • Jog to the 20yd line, touch, & jog back.
  • Jog to the 30yd line, touch, & jog back.
  • Repeat this until you’ve touched all of the yard lines for the whole football field.

Between each exercise I rested for about 1-2 minutes. I forgot my water (which I suggest you bring water with you if you are working out outside for sure!)and couldn’t to get back to drink it so I think that’s why my rests were quick! BUT you can rest as long as you need in between exercises! Remember, this is just what I did. You can make this work for YOU!

Incorporating sprints into your workout routine is a GREAT way to increase fitness levels & hit those leg muscles! I know that today my core, hamstrings, & calves are really feeling it! Winking smileIMG_5338

When I came back, I had some time with the good ol’ tennis ball! I forgot my foam roller at home so tennis ball was the next best thing (if even better) since it really digs into your muscles (in a good way!) I legit sit on the tennis ball and move back and forth so it really get into my glute muscles & hamstrings; both of which get super tight after I run.

I also did some static stretching after & some yoga poses to really cool down.


Then it was time to REFUEL & rehydrate with some VEGA Sugar Free Energizer.

Check out this post here to learn about fueling your performance with some pre/post workout food ideas.


greens, cucumber, a whole homegrown tomato with pepper, hemp seeds,
leftover Japanese sweet potato stuffed with hummus, &
oloves olives.
topped with:
[Sweet Dijon Dressing] made from some

[evoo+2 TB apple cider vinegar+ spoonful of Dijon mustard
liquid stevia+dill+salt free lemon pepper seasoning]


Later on when the boy got back from class it was time for Dinner:

Leftovers from our Mexican Salads the night before –
great mix of fats, protein, & carbs!

Greens, roasted broccoli, sautéed zucchini & squash, leftover butternut squash,

brown rice, black beans, mango peach salsa, & avocado!


After that great workout my body was asking for the FUEL for the rest of the day & my #POWERBREAKFAST was a new overnight ChiaOat recipe I will be sharing this week! It’s so important to fuel your body and refuel your body properly when working out. Listen to yourself & be true to you!

Let me know if you try this workout out & how it goes.

Go at your own pace and don’t be afraid to challenge yourself.

I guarantee you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re truly capable of!


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Do you like working out outside?

What’s your favorite way to get in a good workout outdoors?

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