Weekend Recap & Creamy Massaged Kale Recipe!

April 29, 2013 -
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Happy Monday all! Hope you had a great weekend. I was able to spend time with the family, friends, & boyfriend all weekend as well as enjoying some awesome eats! For lunch on Friday I had a rainbow powerbowl of roasted beets, zucchini, squash, tomatoes, sprouted lentils & [creamy tahini nooch sauce].


Friday was filled of lots of errands, running around, & finished with an awesome CrossFit workout. When I came home, I was definitely tired & ready to relax with a nice cup of tea while watching shark tank, per usual. Little did I know that my teddy bear was one step ahead of me. Yes I’m 23 & still sleep with a teddy…I posted this to instagram and found out that I was not alone! Winking smile


Saturday morning started early with a personal training client at 830am. I always make sure to get up early enough to enjoy breakfast, coffee, & catch up on e-mails. I knew that I had a big workout coming up at CrossFit at 10am so I didn’t want to eat anything too heavy but I did want some energy! I remembered how much I loved my pb & j rice power cakes the other day so I did a similar take on it with rice cakes topped with a smear of coconut oil (I swear rice cakes + coconut oil tastes just like buttery popcorn!) topped with peanut fluff & bananas!


This was the perfect fuel for this 10am Lumberjack 20 Hero WOD which my cat Abby apparently wanted to come with & be a part of. I personally didn’t think my gym bag smelt so good but who knows!

IMG_3293So what is a Hero WOD you may ask? Since CrossFit is often used in military training, Hero WODS are done to honor fallen members of the military. These workouts often the most intense.


The Hero WODS have a prescribed weight for guys to use; so for this workout I used…

  • 95lbs for the unbroken deadlifts
  • 1 pood (36.1 lbs) for the Kettlebell swings
  • 55 lbs for the over head squats (I have a love hate relationship with OHS)
  • 20” box jumps
  • 20lb med ball clean

This was a tough one for sure! Towards the end it kinda felt like I was running through sand. After a longggg cool down & foam rolling, I got home & relaxed on the deck while refueling with a big smoothie – it was so gorgeous out I couldn’t resist!

After giving myself a much needed pedicure, cleaning up, & packing; I headed to lunch with a girlfriend of mine to catch up & treat her for her birthday! It was so nice to chit chat while enjoying this beautiful spinach salad with homemade vinaigrette from my favorite Mediterranean place!


From there, I was off to visit the boyfriend for the rest of the weekend. He is in the middle of studying for his grad school finals so a date night was definitely needed…since any excuse is a good one to have a date night Winking smile We went to one of our favorite local family owned restaurants.


On their menu they offer gluten free options as well as gluten free pasta! I ordered the “Garden Patch” Pasta with tons of roasted veggies & olives over gluten free pasta. Talk about DELISH! Totally enjoyed this filling meal while catching up with the boy.


The next morning we hit the gym for an awesome workout. Corey showed me some new arm exercises using the plates (which I will post this week!) & he showed off his muscle-up skills. So I’m going to brag here & say that he is ridiculously strong and I was very impressed with his muscle ups, especially on that rickety pull-up bar!

When we got back my muscles were ready for some nutrients. I whipped up lunch of creamy massaged kale & a sweet potato.



Creamy Massaged Kale

In a bowl, use your hands & massage kale with

  • 1-2 TB of Tahini
  • a few spoonful’s of nutritional yeast
  • juice from 1/2 of a lemon
  • seasonings to taste; I used
    • pepper
    • mrs. dash salt free garlic & herb
    • sea salt would be good too!

Served along side a sweet potato which I already had prepped in the fridge.

  • [Roasted at 350 degrees fro about 45-50 minutes until tender!]

Within a few hours we transformed from gym clothes into dressy clothes while we headed to an Athletic Banquet. Corey gave out an award that he was the winner of last year. He did an awesome job on his speech!


Finally got to wear my new outfit from Old Navy & Corey rocked his pin striped suit. It was nice to be able to wear “Spring” clothes now and not have to layer up so much! Winking smile

I’d say I had a very nice weekend & really enjoyed my time with my loved ones. I hope you had a great weekend!


Red heart Kasey


How was your weekend? Do anything fun? I’d love to hear about it!