Marathon Expo & BN Shape Recap

May 7, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! Just wanted to start off by saying thank you for all of your kind words & sympathy for Kyle’s family via twitter, instagram, & facebook. When times get tough it’s nice to know that we all have such a supportive community to lean on for some positivity. Today I wanted to switch gears & share the with you my weekend at that Marathon Expo. Our boys from BN Shape clothing had a booth at the expo this year & it was a great way to spread the word about Being In Shape! The company stands for so much more than just lifting weights; it’s a lifestyle brand! Anyone can love being in shape with whatever activity they choose to do. I sense a #betruetoyou moment coming on Winking smile Anyway, it was an awesome expo & my friend Sarah & I enjoyed our times with the boys so much!


The weekend started off with baking a big batch of my [Gluten Free Oatmeal Raisin Cookies] so we could all have some homemade snacks throughout the expo. Thank goodness I made these because the boys didn’t have a chance to get groceries so these cookies powered them through the days for sure.


I packed some meals for the 9 hour days such as chopped raw #powerbowls massaged with my [creamy tahini nooch dressing & massaged kale].


Throughout the days I also snacked on fruit, mary’s gone crackers, sweet potatoes, & quinoa with garlic & rosemary and some black beans mixed in.

The table set up was legit with all of the BN Shape gear on display. All of the runner’s loved the “Let’s Get Runner’s High” tank! Winking smile




Throughout the weekend, we met so many amazing people! I couldn’t get over the support from followers from instagram, facebook, twitter, & readers of mine & BN Shape followers!


This loyal fan of BN Shape came out just to get this tank that she had been wanting ever since seeing them at the Arnold this year! So cool.


I got to meet the adorable Jasmine & she was SO sweet! We made plans to hopefully meet up soon & her tweet totally made my day.


Our girl Jen came down to visit & if you haven’t read her amazing inspirational story [you can read it here]. BTW she’s lost over 100 pounds!!! YOU GO GIRL!IMG_3479

Never a dull moment with these ladies; always laughing! & apparently doing awkward leg kicks (go me!)

The inspiration didn’t stop when we continued to meet some loyal followers & share our stories with each other!



I have to say one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my weekend was meeting Sara & Sarah! Yes, we had 3 sara(h)’s at the booth at one point Winking smile When they first approached the table they just seemed interested in buying clothes until my bittie Sarah said something about Instagram and all of the sudden everyone started squealing as they said they’ve been following us forever! As if that didn’t make me smile enough, they proceed to say that they had something for me to sign & whipped out Nutritional Yeast Cans with a marker!! My life was made.


I think it’s pretty fitting that my first signature moment was on cans of NOOCH! hahaha I am smiling just typing this. You girls are awesome!


I signed it XOXO, Powercakes AKA Kasey! Since most people refer to me as powercakes but these girls knew my real name too Winking smile


Shout out to the Sara[h]’s for absolutely making my day! Love you ladies!


Obviously the weekend wouldn’t be complete without some flexing,  more smiling, & lots of picture opps!


I mean really, who could complain about working with these three handsome gentleman all weekend? Not to mention how inspiring & motivating they are. Each one of the boys, Topher, ChaCorey, & Dozie, are all filled with SO much positivity that it is contagious.


ChaCorey & Topher showing off the BN Shape spandex shorts! I swear my face hurt every single night from smiling & laughing so much throughout the days.


On my way out, I couldn’t help but snap a picture of the beautiful city! We all headed to Sarah’s for a family style dinner after the Saturday expo. We spent a ton of time around the dinner table just enjoying each others company. It was awesome for sure. Plus, the marathon runners had to carb up for race day! Lots of pasta & salad was consumed by all! Yum! Winking smile


The next morning my mom & I got up super early to make sure we made it to the spot to hand off the iced coffee to Sarah for the second year in a row! You can check out my recap from last year where it was perfect timing! Props to mamacakes for capturing the handoff.


After cheering on a bunch of friends, we headed to the finish line. We passed a ton of candy on the road that they were handing to the runners and I couldn’t’ help but snap a pic! It looked so fun.


We made it just in time to see Sarah cross the finish in 3:28:16 which was 13 seconds off from her Boston Marathon time of 3:28:03! I had updates sent to my phone throughout the race so we could make it everywhere on time to see her.


Sarah never ceases to amaze me with her running abilities. Being just 13 seconds off from a marathon that she ran just 3 weeks prior is so unreal! Congrats babe!


A lot of runners did a great job on Sunday & I just wanted to say congrats to them!

We had our usual pictures at the end to celebrate their accomplishments.



Sarah’s boy ran his first marathon so I had to capture the cute moment of them after the race!



Sarah’s friend Megan ran her first full as well & did great!


Like I said in yesterdays post, it’s crazy how a weekend can go from such a high to such a low in emotions. Although we don’t have control over every situation, we can still try our best to embrace the positive moments while also working on accepting the low moments. I found this card in the store the other day & thought it went well with this message.


My congratulations goes to all of the marathon runners & my thoughts, prayers, & love are with Kyle’s family today & everyday.


Red heart Kasey


Side note; Under Armour is launching their 3rd [What’s Beautiful] contest!


I am on board again & part of a sponsored campaign for the What’s Beautiful program through FitFluential. I am looking to get a TEAM to accomplish goals together! I think this is an amazing way to motivate & inspire one another. If you’re interested in joining TEAM TRUE TO YOU please sign up [here] to join my team! I will be posting more info on this tomorrow! Winking smile Also, if you join up let me know below so I can keep track! I am so excited for this!!