New Exercise: Pin Party Plate Lifts!

May 2, 2013 -
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Hi all! So glad you enjoyed the [Roasted Eggplant & Zucchini Tortilla Pizza] from yesterday’s post! Who says gluten free plant based recipes have to be boring? Not this girl! Winking smile It’s all about taking the time to experiment & find what flavor combos you like best.


Earlier in the week I posted about my [Weekend Recap] where the boy & I hit the gym with some new exercises to share! Being a personal trainer I love to learn new workouts & exercises, not only for myself, but for my clients as well! When I work out in the gym with Corey, he becomes the personal trainer in the relationship…which I’m not complaining about! He does his research as well & comes up with some awesome workouts for us.


The other day Corey & I did an awesome arm workout which left my arms feeling like jell-o! And yes, even though I do CrossFit most days of the week, I still incorporate weight lifting workouts such as bicep/triceps, back, shoulders, & legs because frankly, I enjoy them all! I love all types of fitness. It’s true that CrossFit has definitely helped myself get in better shape and I absolutely love our motivational CrossFit crew that I get to workout with! I also love the constantly varied workouts, but I also enjoy my good ol’ weight lifting, yoga, zumba, & any type of group fitness class. I am passionate about fitness & moving to stay healthy so I embrace it all for sure Winking smile I believe that enjoying what you choose to do for working out is so key to staying consistent!

Anyway, if you’re up for a good way to FEEL THE BURN you should totally try these plate lifts that Corey introduced me to!

Plate Lifts:

    • Choose a plate weight that is challenging but where you also can maintain proper form!
    • You want to make sure you are not using your back to “swing” the weight up towards you.
    • You really want to focus in on contracting the bicep muscle on each pull.
    • Make sure to “route” your feet into the ground with tight legs to have nice sturdy stance.




  1. Start holding your weight by your waist (I used a 25lb plate).
  2. Curl the weight up towards your right shoulder & then bring it back down to the start position (1).
  3. Curl the weight straight up towards your chest and then return the weight back to the start position (1).
  4. Curl the weight up towards your left shoulder & then bring it back down to the start position (1).

Once you do the 3 total plate curls you have completed 1 rep!

Depending on your weight choice & that you are maintaining proper form challenge yourself to do

6-12 full reps (18-36 total curls) for 3 separate sets.

We did these at the end of the workout for an awesome burn out exercise!


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I’m joining the Pinning party by sharing some of my fitness posts!

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Hope you enjoy & get after it! Winking smile


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