Hydration Tips & Top Food Picks for Peak Performance.

May 23, 2013 -
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Happy Thursday everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your day. Yesterday I did a whole recap of how I ate during my CrossFit Competition & how I used some of the Thrive Forward Sports Edition principals to POWER my day! Today I wanted to touch on hydration & some of the top food choices for peak performance. Notice the empty water bottle in hand in the picture below – taking place of our teammate Al who left before we snapped a pic, but nonetheless – I couldn’t get enough water that day and I made sure to be constantly hydrated.


Hydration & Electrolytes

Thrive Forward Sports Edition states,

“During exercise the average athlete can lose anywhere from 1 to 2.5 liters of sweat per hour. The loss of 1 liter of sweat can equate to the loss of 3000 mg of sodium. Replenishing the electrolytes that you eliminate during exercise is the last crucial step in recovery. Calcium, chloride, magnesium, potassium and sodium are the chief electrolyte minerals, which regulate the flow of nutrients and waste in and out of cells, making them essential for muscle contractions, heart beats and general nerve function.”

“While replenishing electrolytes during exercise is important to avoid cramps, swelling of hands and legs, and dizziness, after exercise it’s time to fully rehydrate. In addition to ongoing, proactive hydration outside of, before, and during your workouts, remember to replenish with a good volume of electrolyte enhanced water immediately post-exercise. (Some experts suggest a minimum 1 liter immediately after a workout, followed by 3 liters in the 3 hours following exercise.x I feel this is a bit of a stab in the dark, as there are so many variables that influence your individual hydration needs.”

“Ultimately, just make sure you’re getting the amount of water and electrolytes that feels right for you). If you do not like the taste of plain tap water, try adding electrolytes, lemon juice, coconut water, or sliced fruit to your bottle.”

One of my favorite ways to rehydrate, especially during my competition, was with Coconut Water!



  • You can check out this article [here] to show what some of the best foods are to replenish electrolytes.ProductPage_PreWorkout_Family_LemonLime

I also used the VEGA Pre Workout Energizer in my water bottle throughout the day.

Tastes great & gave me a good natural boost!


Thrive Forward has a good list of [top food picks]
& below I will highlight some favorites of mine.

Carbohydrate Option




A top pick of mine for PROTEIN would be HEMP.


  • I also added hemp seeds to my smoothies to make them creamy but I also love them sprinkled on salads, added to puddings, or added to my #POWERBOWLS.


Essential Fats

You always here me say “DON’T FEAR THE FAT” because frankly, it’s not the healthy fats we should be restricting. They are KEY to healthy body functions, especially if we need to replenish after working out. They also give us long lasting energy! I used to stay away from coconut – believing a lot of the articles that state it is an unhealthy fat- but  in reality, I’ve embraced all things coconut and my body loves it! One of my favorites is COCONUT OIL!


  • One of my favorite ways to have coconut oil is to spread it on rice cakes with CHIA JAM or PEANUT FLUFF!
  • Add a drizzle of coconut nectar or honey and you’re set for an awesome pre or post workout.


  • I swear coconut oil & rice cakes tastes like buttered popcorn!
  • You can check out more about healthy fats with this [guest post] from my RD2B Emily.

What would be the best thing to eat post workout?

  • Thrive Forward states that the most effective way for your body to replenish glycogen is by consuming a 3 to 4:1 ratio of easily digestible carbohydrates to protein, immediately after the workout.


One of my favorite ways to REFUEL after a long day is to have a power packed #POWERBOWL!


This one was filled with massaged Kale with lemon juice, paprika, dill, tahini, garlic, nutritional yeast & dijon mustard. Topped with olives, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, more tahini because it is SO good on potatoes & some chia seeds for added crunch and power! Loaded with plant powered carbohydrates, fats, protein, & veggies.

What is your favorite way to hydrate for workouts?

What is your favorite food to help your performance?


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