That one time I flew from Pittsburgh to…Pittsburgh.

February 21, 2014 -
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helllooooo all! How are you? I hope your day is a little less chaotic than mine was yesterday. Started off my travels to see my girl Heather with a 715 am flight that got bumped to 745….no biggie. Just some extra time to grab a coffee & banana.

It was a rainy morning so I was sure that a delay was bound to happen…only to find out that apparently Philadelphia was getting way more of it than we were. Once we got in the air…I knew I was either starving or nauseas from the windy turbulence. No matter the cause – chia oats sounded good to me.

My usual airplane go to is to make some eggs, chia oats, & add sunflower seed butter the night before to make sure I got a nice big meal in me on the plane.

May look scary but I promise it’s delish & something I look forward to – even on a bumpy plane ride.

So, once we got above Philly – the pilot came on the speakers and said that we would have to basically ride around in the air until it was ok to land. Apparently a few other planes were doing the same. About 45 minutes later (originally at 37 minute plane ride that turned into a 3 hour round trip) the Pilot let us know that were headed back to Pittsburgh due to weather in Philly.  Safe to say – the trip didn’t really turn out as planned but I’m glad we were safe instead of sorry.

The US Airways customer service were seriously SO nice and I really enjoyed talking to the lady on the phone as she helped me get an afternoon flight. As I’m sure she was helping with way more than just me.

I spent the next few hours snacking…

Go Raw Spirulina Super Chips are pretty delicious but I was definitely ready for lunch…You can find a lot of the Go Raw Products on – coupon code XUG228 for $5-10 off for first time users.

Picked my own salad at Bruegger’s by adding some greens, peppers, tomatoes, onions, turkey, dried cranberries, & champagne vinaigrette. Pretty good! As I ate lunch & worked on the computer for a while…I kept an eye on my flight only to find that it was delayed…and then unfortunately cancelled. [Insert Bummed Out Airport Selfie Pic here]

I think after a day like that – I was seeing double as well!  I mean, I guess not many people can say the ate their breakfast in the clouds yesterday morning?!

Even though it was a long day & a bummer, I feel thankful that 1) we are definitely rescheduling the trip 2) The passengers all got back safe 3) I was grateful to be close to home … My thoughts are with those I was chatting to around me who we’re trying to get flights home for certain events and weren’t having much luck due to weather.

Not everything goes as planned but it’s up to us to let ourselves feel bummed (totally ok to feel emotion) and then realize that there is a positive in it all- even if it’s not how you thought it would be. Every day is a new adventure! So now that my airport novel is complete – time for some #PowerPlatesChallenge!

Can you believe we’re already on day 22?!

Today we’ve got Plank Leg Up & Out …

  • Start in a Plank Position
  • Bring one leg in & then take it straight out to the side.
  • Alternate legs or keep it to one side!
  • Great way to use the whole body & legs.
  • Do these for 45 second intervals on each side or 20 reps on each side for 3-4 rounds!

Make sure to check out @Iamhealthyfit & myself @Powercakes on Instagram for the videos!


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I’m off to get some work done today & run some errands. Did about 10 miles on the bike this morning which felt great! Taking it easy with weights this weekend as my one chest muscle has been acting up lately. Listening to my body!
Be true to you,
xo Kasey
Have you ever had a crazy delayed airport experience?
What’s your favorite foods to bring on trips?