Mountain Climber Push Ups & Last Chance to Mark Your Man!

February 23, 2014 -
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Happy Sunday All! How has your weekend been?

If you checked my last post you saw that my weekend plans got a little switched up due to weather..merp. Since plans changed, I’m hanging with the boy this weekend & made up a new recipe last night! Also sipped some Riesling (from my bittie for Christmas) as a way to feel like I’m with the girls in Cape Cod!


YOU GUYS – This may have been one of my most favorite dinners…I’ve ever made. This recipe will be UP this week because I think you’ll like it! It involves mahi mahi, polenta, & veggies. Hiyo!

Today we’ve got Mountain Climber Push-Ups for #PowerPlatesChallenge!

One of my favorite exercises with plates!

  • Start in a plank & do a set of mountain climbers.
  • After 6 to 10 Mountain climbers, do a push up.
  • Repeat this for a set of 10 or for 30-60 second intervals
  • Great way to work on cardio & strength!
  • You can also do the push up on the front of your thighs. Either way is awesome!
Looking for some inspiration? Check out Teri rockin’ the reverse lunges!
Or Britt workin the leopard print SLIPPERS for her workout! LOVE IT.
You can find more at the Challenge Loop Site!
Before I head to the gym with Corey – don’t forget you have until MIDNIGHT tonight to enter the Mark Your Man BoxerJocks! 
Also coming up TOMORROW we will have another Giveaway from my girl Jennifer Cassetta that I met a few weeks ago at the local Hear Me Roar Pittsburgh Event! This girl is kick ass – seriously. And she’ll teach you how to be confident & protect yourself.
Have a great Sunday!
Be true to you,
Xo Kasey
What’s one of your most recent favorite dinners that you’ve made?

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One response to “Mountain Climber Push Ups & Last Chance to Mark Your Man!”

  1. I can’t wait for you to post that new recipe it sounds absolutely delicious!

    Everything with the power plates sounds tough but fun 🙂

    Sounds like you had a great weekend.

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