NYC Under Armour What’s Beautiful Event at Macy’s!

November 13, 2013 -
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Hi all! Hope you’re having a great start to your week. Today I wanted to share with you all about the Under Armour What’s Beautiful Event in NYC on Saturday at Macy’s in Herald Square! If you missed my recap of day one – you can check that out here!

A few months back I was asked by UA to teach one of my Power Hour classes at the Dick’s Sporting Goods HQ & NYC Macy’s as part of the What’s Beautiful events that Under Armour was hosting.


I am blown away to have these amazing opportunities. What’s even cooler is that my Mom got to be a part of them as well! She is a personal trainer, for those who don’t know, & we honestly work really well together. It’s like one of us knows where the other is going to be without even thinking about it. Must be a Mother/Daughter thing, right? Winking smile


This is why being an Under Armour Ambassador is so much more than just shoes & clothes. The companies mission to bring together & inspire people with such a positive motto of “I WILL” is something that I definitely stand behind. There were also events going on in Chicago & LA on the same day with some other inspirational UA ladies & trainers!


We arrived in NYC the day before – which you can read about here – so we had enough time to get prepared for the day ahead. I woke up early Saturday, it was almost like trying to sleep the day before school – that “afraid you’re going to miss your alarm” type of feeling.

We got to Macy’s around 9:30am & started to get things ready for the event.


I kinda had a moment whenever we were walking up the steps only to find my name on a few signs…just a really cool feeling of some hard work all coming together.


Rockin’ the Cozy Crew, Cozy Tights, & Micro Mantis Running Shoe – super cozy on the chilly NY day.

The staff of UA & Macy’s is like a Power Team! They seriously took such good care of my mom & I and truly greeted us with open arms.


Kind of blurry – but this is Jen from Under Armour! She is amazing & was so fun to be with all day! UA provided these adorable bright towels for everyone who registered.

Before you knew it, everyone started showing up & we got the workout started!


ps. holding onto my battery pack was a workout in itself, ha! The audio guy asked if I jumped around a lot and I said, well I can’t guarantee that I won’t drop this thing Winking smile

I demonstrated the different stations we would do & my girl Bonnie caught a clip of my usual speech of “No judging in this workout!”

The girls (and one gentleman who totally scored boyfriend points) worked SO hard & kicked major butt. The energy was something I’ve never felt before. One of my favorite moments was whenever “Gangnam Style” came on right after a circuit & I said – “dance to the next station!” and every single person did. It was awesome.

At the end of each circuit, I used paper plates to do some plate exercises. I love to throw different moves in with the plates and show how they can do gliding exercises at home. image

Most of the girls said they won’t be able to look at paper plates the same Winking smile I’ll definitely have to share some moves with you all soon!


I brought all of the girls in at the end and said, “this is why we turn our I can’t into I WILL! on 3 we say I WILL!” Major shout out to Sarah for snapping this picture – it’s probably my favorite one from the whole day. A complete definition of What’s Beautiful is all about.

After the workout we got a chance to chat & snag a few more pics! Thank you to everyone who shared their picture with me!


This lady ROCKS with those bright socks.


Some Instagram Friends!! So happy to have met them.



Miss Kayla – I recognized her face RIGHT away from the awesome IG account @Fuel_For_Thought. When we got a chance to talk one on one after the workout, we both started crying. She shared with me how I’ve helped her overcome some rough patches in her life similar to my story. Our eyes instantly filled up with tears and I told her, this is why I do what I do. To help others & inspire them to be true to who they are. We are so much more than food choices or fitness, we are humans dealing with all kinds of things thrown our way. It’s up to us to let them take over or to take a stand & be happy! She is from Canada & was visiting a friend in NYC. She took the time out of her day to come take the class & I am SO thankful to have met her (and her adorable mother!!) We could have talked all day. She is going to change the world with her goals –mark my words! I’m also hoping she starts a blog soon Winking smile She mentioned she thought about it and I am ALL for it! Love you girl! Red heart



These What’s Beautiful ladies worked so hard & couldn’t have been nicer!

photo 1

Miss Emily is another IG friend & I am so thankful that she came down to chat at the event. She’s got passions of designing athletic wear & with her goals there is NO stopping her. We recently just e-mailed & this lady is one strong woman. Love you girl! Keep up your hard work – you WILL get to where you want to be.


I apologize for the blurriness by my dear friend Nadeen is private on instagram. This woman is SO inspiring. She came over to me after the workout & told me that I had inspired her to start weight lifting & I’ve also introduced her to Overnight Oats! Winking smile She has lost 20lbs to date and I told her that I was SO proud of her! SHE put in the work & made the decision to make a positive change. You go girl! Red heart


Some highlights (among many) from this event were the amazing people that we got to meet, the stories we learned about everyone, the ladies & gentleman working SO hard, the team work, the fun, the smiles, & most importantly how we all left feeling. We accomplished so much in one hour & did it together!

A lot of the ladies commented on how Under Armour’s clothing truly works for all women. Mamacakes was actually talking to a few women about how she likes that “I can wear the same type of outfit as my 24 year old daughter & feel confident & comfortable even though we’ve got different body types & are different heights.”

Under Armour Athlete & World Cup Ski Racer Lindsey Vonn recently just commented in an interview with Bloomberg TV about how “It doesn’t matter what size you are.” And I think she handled the question very well.

Under Armour wants the community to truly enjoy the clothing, be comfortable, & confident! The NYC What’s Beautiful Event brought so many women together to workout, have fun, & be involved in the community that anyone can truly be a part of.

A big shout out to Under Armour & everyone who made it to the event & for those that couldn’t – it’s all good! The support is always appreciated Red heart

Tomorrow I will share all about some EATS from the day – I promise you won’t want to miss it! We found some awesome places right around town.

Enjoy your night/day!

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey


Have you recently changed an “I Can’t” thought to an “I WILL” ? What helped you make the change?