Plank Pulls & Hear Me Roar Event TOMORROW!

February 10, 2014 -
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Happy Monday all! How was your weekend? Met my knew client yesterday morning & ended up talking for 2 hours! There is nothing better than instantly connecting with someone & the conversation flowing so well. She is awesome & her goal is to get stronger & I am excited to be the one she chose to be her coach!

Did I mention that I may be opening up a few new spots in March for online/distance training? I am currently putting together some plans & am thinking about opening up a few spots for March. If you’re at all interested you can e-mail me and we can chat! I will be posting more about it within the next week.

After the empowering meeting – I hit the gym with the boy! Just like last Sunday, it was deadlift day! We did a workout including Deadlifts, Back Squats, Front Squats, Lunges, Extensions, Calf Raises, Rowing, & Box Jumps.

I love including plyos into my leg day at the end to really get those muscles fired up!

Post Workout was my favorite Protein/Carb mix to refuel the bod which included a Green Vega Smoothie & PUFFINS! My obsession.

You can find the Protein & Puffins on with coupon code XUG228.

I just blended 1 scoop of Vega Sport Performance Powder with some frozen spinach, chia seeds, cinnamon, & milk of choice then topped (and on the bottom) with puffins. Simple & delish to tide me over until Dinner.

You know, cereal used to be one of those foods that I used to restrict whenever I went through some restrictive phases in my life. I now totally embrace foods not only for taste, but realizing that cereal is a carb source & especially after a workout our bodies love it! It’s amazing whenever we just take a deep breath, embrace foods we sometimes “fear” and realize that everything in moderation makes for our own healthy mindset.

If you’re struggling with allowing yourself that balance with foods – work on challenging yourself to incorporate some foods  for pleasure & realize that it’s OK! We give our bodies a great deal of nutrients with powerful foods and we’ve built this great base that means we can totally introduce some “not so healthy foods” that we may want that works for us & enjoy them. I always say life is too short not to enjoy those little things! Balance – the key word guys!

Feel free to e-mail me if you ever need some advice! :] I also did a post [here] about this realization titled “Checking yourself before Wrecking yourself.”

So let’s talk about a fun event happening TOMORROW! Yup, this Tuesday if you’re around the PGH area you should totally come join in with my girls Lindsey Smith & Jennifer Cassetta called the Hear Me Roar event!



Best-selling Author & Food/Mood Expert, Lindsey Smith will kick-off the evening with an inspiring talk on self-confidence and how to overcome media messages to embrace your body. She will also perform a signature never-before-seen rap about confidence and body love. Lindsey has been featured on The Lisa Oz Show, WTAE and in Shape Magazine.


If that rap doesn’t sell you—then check out the fierce leader, martial arts expert and celebrity nutritionist,Jennifer Cassetta from sunny California. Jennifer will guide us through her “Stiletto’s & Self-Defense” program that will help keep you safe and confident during nights out on the town. Jennifer teaches women the ABC’s of self-defense and the most effective blocks, strikes, knees, and kicks. Jennifer has been featured on The Today Show, Bethenny Frankel TV and The Doctors.

Um, how fun does this sound? There will also be a TON of vendors there, including myself & mamacakes with a table for Powercakes!
The agenda is as follows:
6:00 PM Mix and Mingle & All Natural Vendor Fair
7:00 PM Inspirational message and rap with Lindsey Smith
7:30 PM Stiletto’s in Self Defense
8:15 PM Mix and Mingle & All Natural Vendor Fair

Register Today! 



Let’s kick off this week with some Plank Pulls!

Love them or hate them – these are a GREAT full body workout.

HUGE tips:

  • Keep the core & legs TIGHT!
  • Squeeeeeze them to take pressure off of your wrists!!

A lot of people can do these but complain about wrist pain – try not relying on your wrists to pull the movement – work on a tight core and legs to allow for less pressure off of your wrists.

I challenge my power hour class to get as far as they can in one minute and each week we challenge ourselves to get a little further.

Try working on small increments in intervals or challenge yourself to a timed distance!

While in NYC last year for the What’s Beautiful event at Macy’s I challenged the participants to do plank pulls and the rocked it!

That’s miss @Iamhealthyfit right there pulling across the floor!

These are definitely challenging but know that progress is progress so stay with it!

Don’t forget you can still join us in the challenge for a chance to win a HEAD TO TOE look from Under Armour Women!


I hope you have a great rest of your day & be true to you,

xo Kasey




What’s your favorite post workout snack or meal? I love hearing new ideas!!