What’s Beautiful Pin-Spiration for #MirrorlessMonday

June 3, 2013 -
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hi all! I hope you had an awesome weekend! Before recapping my weekend, I wanted to start this week off with challenge number FOUR of the #whatsbeautiful campaign that I am working on with FitFluential & Under Armour Women.

team true to you

Don’t forget that you can still join in! Details are [here]

& you can join TEAM TRUE TO YOU [here].

On the website, Under Armour has 6 challenges for the team to complete!

Today I am highlighting this challenge;


I love pinning things to Pinterest for inspiration & I am constantly inspired by what I see.
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Going with the MirrorlessMonday theme, here are some of my favorites.
A day where the mirror doesn’t judge you.”


Look in the mirror today & see what you’re proud of!


“Don’t let anyone dull your light – you were meant to SHINE.”


Don’t doubt yourself when you truly know you are working hard.

There will be times when you encounter obstacles-  but you choose to push through.

There will be doubt, which is mostly from people who are dealing with their own issues
but it comes off at you or it’s YOU doubting yourself..

There will be mistakes – but we learn from them.

We often put limits on ourselves.

With hard work & a positive attitude there are NO LIMITS!

So today let’s change our attitude to a positive one because loving ourselves is


Perfect example, my client Kim deals with the same feelings that we all deal with. She works her butt off and I am constantly taking pictures of her progress so she can see what I see! I see how much strength she has gained  – she is able to do full body push-ups like a BOSS and on day one, that was a challenge for her. She is seeing muscle definition that she hasn’t before because she is working HARD to earn that! She is learning that she is beautiful regardless of what she may (thinks she sees) in the mirror. I see her beauty, dedication, & hard work every single time we train.


Welcome to trap trap city, ya’ll! Winking smile

Like Under Armour says; speak it, show it, embody it.

This week I challenge you to share one of your favorite motivational quotes! Post it to #TEAMTRUETOYOU & also to your other social media outlets – especially PINTEREST to help inspire others!

When you post it to the website don’t forget to also post it to [twitter], [facebook], & [instagram] to share it with everyone and tag @UAWOMEN @POWERCAKES #FitFluential #WhatsBeautiful #IWILL

Be true to you & be proud of what you see in the mirror!

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What are some of your favorite motivation sayings? Share below! Winking smile