#WhatsBeautiful Challenge #2! Super Alter Ego

May 20, 2013 -
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Happy Monday all! Hope you’re enjoying your day!

Today is challenge TWO of the #whatsbeautiful campaign that I am working on with FitFluential & Under Armour Women.

IMG_3581Don’t forget that you can still join in! Details are [here]

& you can join team true to you [here].

On the website, Under Armour has 6 challenges for the team to complete! Today I am highlighting the SUPER ALTER EGO challenge!


I personally feel like a super hero version of myself whenever I look back at pictures and see what I am accomplishing. It’s like that reminder that my hard work & enjoyment is paying off. Buy definition an alter ago is a second self; another aspect of one’s self. My friends & family joke with me whenever I call myself “Powercakes” instead of Kasey! I always say “Powercakes says” or “my Powercakes side came out to play”! Therefore my alter ego may be POWERCAKES but in reality it is ME! We are capable of being our own alter ego’s by just being a more positively intense version of ourselves during a workout, competition, or while achieving your goal!


This weekend, I channeled my inner POWERCAKES & pulled off a 105lb ground to overhead lift (which is my best so far). I felt like I could do more but our 8min time cap ran out. This made me so excited to get back at it & see what my max would be. This is my next goal & knowing that I worked hard enough to get to this point was such an amazing feeling!


Ultimately YOU are your own super-hero!

This week I’d love to see you LOVING yourself with a confident smile or picture where you are your own super-hero version of yourself!

Shout out to some lovely ladies who are starting their week off with #IWILL goals!



When you post it to the website don’t forget to also post it to [twitter], [facebook], & [instagram] to share it with everyone and tag @UAWOMEN @POWERCAKES #FitFluential #WhatsBeautiful #IWILL

Be true to you & let your inner super-hero shine through!

Today fill in the blank for your goal this week ….

#IWILL ________


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