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August 28, 2013 -
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Hey all! I hope you’re having a great week. Some new positive changes, or additions, are on the site so I wanted to explain everything so it’s easy to navigate!

The first addition is that you can now order Under Armour gear right through my website! If you take a look on the right sidebar, you’ll see the Under Armour Image with “Purchase Under Armour Products” – you can literally click right on that and it will take you to the UA site where you can purchase anything your heart desires! Technology blows me away sometimes.

With being an Ambassador, I am working hand in hand with UA on some of their new products & product features. Therefore, I will be bringing to you all of this information right as it’s released! I’ll give you my honest feedback on the products, how they fit, what I wore them to do, & provide images so you can get a better “feel” for the products. And shout out to the fellas (if any men read my blog other than my amazing Grandpa Winking smile love you pap!), guys clothing will be featured too!

While we were visiting UA, we got to talk to a bunch of different departments about future ideas & products. Some exciting stuff coming your way!!

In my previous recap posts [Under Armour Trip Day 1 & Under Armour Trip Day 2] I received some questions about the purple tank I was wearing so for my first product feature I wanted to give you some info on the [UA Spin Tank].


I am kind of obsessed with it; just a little Winking smile
I’m a sucker for a cut out back tank.

Please forgive my wide eyed semi-bed-head picture on the left since it was taken at 730am before our morning yoga sesh last week (thanks to my roomie Electra).This tank comes in this color as well as dark grey with blue straps & black with pink straps.


For size questions, I am 5’8 and wearing a medium.

This tank was great for yoga and I also wore it to lift.

It comes with built in cups that easily remove for washing. It’s also a a medium loose fitting. Meaning, if I got a small it would have been a bit too tight for me but a medium was a nice comfortable semi-loose fit.



Let’s not forget about the pants! For me, the bottoms make or break an outfit based on comfort. I’m not a fan of hiking up my pants mid way through a workout. I like to not have to pay much attention to if my pants are falling down or not.

I know, that you know, the feeling when you put on a new pair of yoga pants and you’re like “woooohoo these feel great.” Then, you go throughout your day, being awesome, & all of the sudden your pants are hanging low as if they are 3 sizes too big for you.

These Studio Lux [Denim Capris], which are super comfy, more durable (thicker) material, & have a higher waist band which. They also past my test on the “do your pants hang low” situation.


I am wearing mediums in my above picture. I usually wear a size 4-5 in jeans. Although I haven’t worn jeans in for like, ever. So these denim capris totally make up for the lack of denim in my wardrobe! Winking smile

I will be sharing different products & product reviews throughout the weeks so feel free to ask questions about any product and I will do my best to answer! I obvi like to help Red heart Enjoy your day!


Red heart Kasey

Are you a fan of tight or loose workout tops?

I used to be all about tight tops but now I feel more comfortable in loose ones. Although, I think it depends on what workout I’m doing. Sometimes when I’m doing a lot of plyo’s or burpees, the tighter tanks don’t get in the way but with lifting I like the loose comfort.

Are there any particular products you’d like to see featured or learn more about?
 Trust me, your interests are seen &  heard!! We want to be very interactive with these features & products!


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9 responses to “New Positive Changes To The Site – Shop Under Armour Products!”

  1. Jessica says:

    Love the gear! What I’m really waiting for is the be true to you shirt you showcased earlier this month! Will we be able to order those?

  2. LOVE this girl! You look great and I’m loving the shop UA too 😀

  3. Yes I second Jessica’s comment about the be true to you tanks!!

    Loving that top you wore though I’m thinking of getting one. I guess I’d be interested in seeing more running tops since I’m always on the lookout for good ones 🙂

  4. Felicia says:

    loveee that top!! i also was looking into the armour39 and would love to hear more reviews on it to see if its worth making the purchase!

  5. beach3519 says:

    Ohh, what a tempting ad to click on! Most of what I run in is UA so that’s dangerous!

    I will say I mostly wear the men’s shirts, because I like a looser fit. I’ve lost 53 lb but still have quite a bit more to go and if a shirt is a little too snug I feel self conscious. Maybe some day!

  6. SO EXCITING!!!! Love that top! I had no idea you were that tall! 🙂

  7. Joe says:

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  8. Kory says:

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