Turkey Trot 5k & Thanksgiving Day Recap! [2013]

November 30, 2013 -
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Today I wanted to share with you a little recap of Turkey Day! Anyone else start their Thanksgiving with a Turkey Trot? This was my first year trottin’ on Thanksgiving & I’m so glad I got to do it with two of my best friends.


We were bundled in our Cold Gear thanks to our friends at Under Armour!! Let me tell you, we were very thankful to have it on! It was a whopping 18 degrees outside in the morning so we layered up in matching Cozy Knit Tops! I also had on the Cozy Crew top, Tech Gloves, & Rebel Storm Running Shoes. Jackie was rockin’ her Fleece Gloves too!

We loved the Cozy Crew Tops! They are thin enough to not add too much bulk to your run but also have a layer of “cozy-ness” on the inside that keeps you warm & comfy on your run. PS Under Armour is currently having FREE shipping with no minimum if you’re doing some cyber monday shopping! Winking smile


To procrastinate a bit in the warm car until we had to go out into the freezing temps….we obviously did what anyone else would do…take some selfies, right?


Usual lip freckle selfie. Although I promise I was a lot more happier than I look! Winking smile


We decided to weather the temps & finally met up with our girl Sarah (aka bittie) and her dad, Papa Joe! Joe even rocked the Under Armour gear & couldn’t wait to show me how he was so proud of himself for putting the UA outfit together! Love him.

Jackie & I ran the 5k and Sarah ran the 5 miler. Which was nice because we got to cheer each other on in our races!


I’d like you all to know that Sarah ran her 5miler faster than Jackie and I ran our 5k. I guess Jackie & I having multiple conversations throughout our run didn’t help our time too much, but it was all about the experience! Plus, it was so cool to run through our city.

Back to Sarah’s awesome run time – she ran a PR of 32:09 for the 5 miler and was top 3 woman overall. She inspires & amazes me every single day. I’m really starting to like this whole running thing Winking smile some more races are definitely in my future! As well as the Half Marathon next May in honor of my friend Kyle.

After a great morning, it was time to get warm – refuel & take a little turkey day nap.

Later that day we headed to my sister-in-laws for Thanksgiving with both of our families. It’s always nice to get everyone together!


The annual Thanksgiving Power Plate Picture!

Included turkey (a roasted & fried one) our family always makes two different turkeys two different ways, with some mashed potatoes & gravy, carrots, green beans, cranberries, & Nanny’s coleslaw!

What’s your favorite part of the meal?

Mine would be….taking a little bit of each thing on the fork & eating it at once. There is something about cranberries + turkey + mashed potatoes + gravy all in one bite that is so comforting & gives you that warm thanksgiving feeling inside.

For dessert – we had a bunch to choose from! Each year I’ve made something with a “secret” ingredient that everyone has to guess. Last year it was my chickpea apple pie power blondies.


Can you tell my sister-in-law takes this very serious? She literally digs through every inch & can even identify the Chia Seeds & Flax! She knows me too well. This year I made a dairy free version of my “power pumpkin roll” & I also revamped the recipe while changing it up a bit!


Anyone want to guess the secret ingredient? I’ll be sharing this recipe within the next couple of days! Don’t you worry Winking smile won’t hold you in suspense too long! After dinner we all hung out in the living room & watched some football.


I cuddled up with this cutie…miss Finley & a cup of some of my favorite tea!


So my sister-in-law is SO crafty & comes up with the best ideas for decorating! Every year I am so excited to post about our Holiday’s at her house because I always say, “we can PIN all of your decorations to Pinterest!” I couldn’t let her get away that easy though Winking smile we were all admiring her decorations until someone said…wait, Ang, how do you spell Pumpkins? She took a pause and then spelled out, P-U-M-P-K-I-N-S? Then we all asked her…well, is pumpinins a new kind of pumpkin we’re unaware of?


We all looked over at the frame & started laughing…she honestly didn’t even notice! She was laughing at herself because she even took the picture to the craft store to see what frame worked better! May have been one of those “you had to be there moments” but her dad looked at me & said, you should totally put that on the blog! Winking smile love you sista and all of your adorable decorations.


Fall flowers in a vase with fresh cranberries makes for a simple yet pretty centerpiece.


All in all – it was such a fun day and I am SO thankful for my loved ones. I truly feel blessed to have some amazing best friends & family that I get to spend time with. I am thankful for the love & support that we all share for each other & thankful for the chance to all be together on that day. I truly think there is something to be thankful for every single day, no matter how big or small.

I found this quote & wanted to share…

 “It is gratitude that enables us to receive and it is gratitude that motivates us to repay by returning the goodness that we have been given. In short, it is gratitude that enables us to be fully human.”

~ Robert Emmons

You may have heard before…”the attitude of gratitude.” Having an attitude of gratitude enables us to truly see so many more things as blessings. If we choose to be thankful for something, even if it’s a negative thing, we can be thankful for that experience since we became stronger & learned from it.

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving and can challenge yourself to see something to be thankful for not only on Thursday, but every day.

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey



So tell me, what are you thankful for?

Any “pinnable” moments or decorations from your Thanksgiving?

& last but not least, what’s your favorite part of the meal!?