Friday Favorites & Butternut Squash Steak Fries [Recipe!]

December 7, 2013 -
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hi all! HAPPY FRIDAY! So funny story for ya – I actually finished this post at 1pm this afternoon….but apparently my new iPad didn’t mix with my emoji I added to my post and didn’t post anything after my first paragraph….welp, what a way to start a Friday! haha Good thing is – I don’t really forget my thoughts that often (although Corey may say otherwise) SO you will still read the same content I posted 5 hours ago – just rewritten! Winking smile (and now I can do a wink face since I’m on my home computer) even though I am absolutely loving my new tablet!


The Holiday’s came a bit early this year thanks to my family & Staples Cyber Monday deals! My fam knew that all I wanted was a new computer or tablet to take on the go & they are helping to make this possible – I’m very thankful!

I’m using the Posts App that is a super simple & FREE way to blog from your iPad! I also have a LogiTech bluetooth keyboard that makes this so easy & quick – since typing on a keyboard is a bit easier than right on a tablet.

Do you spot a POWERPLATE in the upper right corner? Papacakes had some cauliflower & kale salad with some grilled fish – he’s refueling after a day of hard work! Winking smile

So today is a good day to clean out the iPhone & share with you some Friday Favorites! Since we’re on the technology subject…


I snagged these Under Armour Tech Gloves to wear at the Turkey Trot & loved that they were thin yet kept my hands warm – and I could take pics for the recap post!


When my hands aren’t covered in gloves, I’ve been using them to snack on Ladera Granola! The company sent me their original Almond Pecan to try out & we are fans over here! The ingredients are pretty great too – whole grain oats, all natural California almonds, extra virgin olive oil, grade A medium amber maple syrup, all natural California pecans, brown sugar, spices , & salt. Thank you Ladera!


Some other new products I’ve had a chance to try out is this “Natural Stack” from my friends at Natural Force! They sent their Raw Tea that can be taken before a workout- is a unique blend of natural herbs, roots, fruit extracts, and superfoods to help give you a naturally powerful energy boost. The Intra-Workout which is is a unique blend of royal jelly, honey powder, stevia, chia seeds, & superfoods designed to help provide you with sustained energy during your workouts. Lastly the Post-Workout Recovery Nectar which contains some coconut water, pea protein, spirulina, & maca just to name a few! Thank you so much Natural Force!! I’ve tried these out this week & I like them. If you are used to more sweet tasting drinks, you may want to add a drop or two of stevia but if you’re into the natural flavors & tastes – just keep it as is! Winking smile

Now to my favorite recipe of this week – BUTTERNUT SQUASH STEAK FRIES! I wanted to use up a butternut squash & this side was a perfect combo with dinner!



– 1 Large Butternut Squash

– Grapeseed Oil (I used a spray)

– Sea Salt & Pepper to taste


– Wash & Cut off the skin of the butternut squash.

– Cut the squash in half & remove the seeds from the base.

– Chop the butternut squash into steak fry shapes.

– Coat or Spray with oil.

– Season to taste with salt & pepper.

– Put onto a greased cookie sheet.

– Bake at 400 degrees for about 30 minutes

*I broiled mine for a few minutes at the end to add more crispiness!


I enjoyed them with some organic ketchup! YUM!

If you try them out – let me know! Simple & quick side dish.

Enjoy your weekend!

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey


What is your Friday favorite this week? Try anything new?