An Entrepreneur Inspiration & Sweet Dijon Dressing.

March 12, 2013 -
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Good morning all! Not sure if you were watching The Ellen Show this morning, but my girl Bethenny Frankle was on.
I originally had another recipe to share today – but after seeing this episode, I couldn’t help but post about it.
I’ve looked up to Bethenny, & Ellen, for such a long time. Bethenny’s story constantly inspires me.
She’s got that “can’t stop won’t stop” mentality that I can completely relate to.


They were talking about Entrepreneurs & small business’s. Which obviously hits home with me & my entrepreneur mindset.
This mindset is a blessing & I remind myself daily that it is a blessing – even if some nights I can’t sleep because my mind is going a mile a minute! Winking smile
They highlighted these adorable
Shutter Huggers today & I couldn’t help but share this and be inspired by this story.


How adorable are these?


I love seeing stories like this because I hope one day to be at the point of launching my business & sharing my story.

Being an Entrepreneur myself, I love supporting business’s that are so passionate behind what they do.


Some days, having so many ideas & visions can be overwhelming. But when seeing stories like Shutter Huggers or any other passionate small business, I can’t help but be motivated to keep pushing forward. My grandpa always reminds me, “Kasey, you are 23 years old and have so much time to turn your vision into your reality. Just take your time & it will all work out.” It’s true – there will be times of doubt, fear, mistakes, obstacles, BUT with hard word, there truly are no limits! I’ve got some things up my sleeve for POWERCAKES LLC & a project with my soul sister Heather that we can’t wait to share. If this story didn’t inspire me enough, my fortune cookie from this weekend totally helped the situation.


AMEN! Gotta love a good ol’ confidence booster from a fortune cookie that I can’t even eat.


Speaking of food, have you been eating your #PowerbowlADay?

This Powerbowl of kale, japanese sweet potatoes (SO GOOD), red onion, green onion,
dulse flakes, avocado, & Sweet cheesy dijon dressing is a great way to refuel after a workout in my Reebok DMX Sky shoes!

Sweet Cheesy Dijon Dressing

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Keep an eye out for new recipes coming up this week!!

So tell me, what inspires you?

Have you heard a story lately that has motivated you? I’d love to hear!!

Be true to you,

Red heart Kasey