Recent Eats & Chocolate Peanut Butter POWERCAKES.

July 21, 2013 -
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Good morning everyone! Hope you’re enjoying your Sunday. I got a chance to sleep in today and it was glorioussssss! Winking smile Currently enjoying my coffee with stevia in my Universe Knows mug & Silicon Sunflower Lid! I got these while I was on vaca in South Carolina. They are BPA free, microwave & dishwasher safe and act as a “lid” that suctions to whatever you put it on. It does wonders for keeping my coffee HOT without me having to warm it up every few minutes.IMG_5445

It was also a perfect morning to make POWERCAKES! If you’ve read my story before, the powercakes came from my mom & dad making protein pancakes for our Sunday brunches. It just doesn’t feel right eating anything else for breakfast on a Sunday!


I used this VEGA recipe with chocolate protein powder
& topped it with peanut butter, healthy chocolate sauce, & raspberries!
Because who wouldn’t love to eat this any time of the day? Delish!

Today is also one of those days where it’s time to clean out my iPhone pics! Winking smile #picturehoarderproblems

Obviously most of the images are food so I hope you just ate or else these may make you hungry! This is also a recap of how I’ve been switching up some of my food intake based on my preferences. I’ve said before but I eat a lot of plants because they truly help my digestion but if I ever want seafood, eggs, cheese, etc. I eat it! It’s as simple as that. I really try not to over analyze it or give myself rules or restrictions. I’ve accepted that certain foods make me feel better but I also like other things as well. I’ve been know to “over-do” certain food items (such as almonds, meat, or other types of nuts) in the past which has led me to having some negative reactions to them with my digestion. I’ve learned to balance it out more with moderation & my digestion has really liked that change! Hence the BE TRUE TO YOU! Red heart

With that being said Winking smile welcome to the food show!


While I was on vaca I picked up some julian bakery bread a local health food store.

I topped it with some sunbutter, healthy chocolate sauce, & cacao nibs!


Whole Foods Rainbow dinner with the CrossFit ladies!

Garlicky Kale, edamame, quinoa salad, sprouts, carrots, & roasted beets.


More VEGA powercakes with peaches, blueberries, & hard coconut shell.


Powercakes go great with coffee or dandy blend.

And sometimes it’s nice when your coffee loves you back! Winking smile


This week I got to meet up with my girl Ashley from @CountYourVeggies!

We met when I was visiting Heather in Rhode Island
& she was in town visiting friends.

We went to my favorite spot, Eden, & enjoyed some delicious food.


Dehydrated beet/flax crackers with sunflower spread.


Enjoyed Red juice: beets, tomatoes, apple, ginger, carrot, lemon.


Sesame ginger cabbage slaw with kale & tempeh! SO GOOD.

It was so nice to catch up with Ashley & introduce her to my favorite place!


It must have been a week of eating out because two my
girlfriends took me out for a belated birthday dinner.
We got mexican because we were all craving it!


Salad with veggies, avocado, black beans, sprouts, & portobello mushroom cap.


Had an awesome Abundant Life meeting Friday with a group I am now a part of. My Pap & our friend Brenda came up with the idea to have a group where we can all present to companies and such on what our expertise is. I will be covering the nutrition side of things in a small 10 minute presentation! I will be posting more about that soon. After the meeting my mom & I were hungry so we stopped a local “hole in the wall” restaurant which had amazing fresh food!


I got a big salad with roasted beets & grilled shrimp! YUM!

After a night of running errands I came home starving so I call this a
“throw everything your craving into a bowl & EAT UP.”


Roasted butternut squash with cinnamon filled with Nuttzo, healthy chocolate sauce,

Peanut Fluff, baked plantains, & cacao nibs!

This was amazing #fact.


Also got a new shipment! woo hoo!

Organic Sunbutter

Coco Cardio Beet & Cocoa Powder

liquid stevia

cinnamon vanilla stevia (so good!)

Peanut Flour for some more peanut fluff.


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I will leave you with this adorable quote I saw & couldn’t wait to share it.


It’s so true and the picture is so adorable. Use your smile & your light to help change the world. Don’t let the negative things that put you down. YOU have the power to use your gift. BE TRUE TO YOU & don’t let this world change your smile!

Enjoy your day!

Red heart Kasey