Day One #PowerPlatesChallenge [Core Roller]

February 1, 2014 -
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Happy Saturday all!

Another awesome workout last night with the @nhgirlslax team! Their assistant coach & my friend, Emily, made the girls my Baked Apple Powercakes & also some muffins made with carrots! I’ll have to get that recipe from her because they were amazing!


I love seeing coaches taking steps like this to teach the girls to fuel their bodies for athletic performance. I presented on that topic with the girls along with how to train for athletic performance. I made sure to explain to them the benefits of weight lifting & body weight movements to add into their training routines! They really were receptive & were asking some great questions. So many things I wish I knew in high school that I know now!

During our workout, I had the girls use Paper Plates for different movements so they could learn how to do moves at home as well! Perfect timing because are you aware of what today is? DAY ONE of the February Power Plates Challenge!!



Here’s how you can join in & ACCEPT the Challenge!

  • JOIN by going to the website [here] and/or download & sign into the CHALLENGE LOOP APP!
  • The challenge will run from Feb. 1st-Feb. 28th, 2014!
  • All you have to do is follow the calendar of exercises for each day.

Yenory & I will take turns posting a video of the move each day by NOON!

You can complete the move any time and post your image or video to the Challenge Loop feed as your entry.

  • YOU MUST post on the page at least 8 times for a chance to win!
  • The official challenge hashtag is #PowerPlatesChallenge

Here is DAY ONE – The Core Roller!

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The challenge today is to incorporate this move into your workout & post an image or video to the Challenge Loop Site or App as your main entry. THEN feel free to post to your social media outlets to share with others!!


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The randomly chosen winner of the Challenge will receive a HEAD TO TOE look from Under Armour Women! Woowoo!

I did some conditioning this morning (gearing up for the #Run4Kyle Pittsburgh Half Marathon this year!), refueled with a power breakfast, doing some work, then lifting with the boy later this afternoon! I don’t always do 2-a-days but I personally like to do some conditioning in the morning then refuel/fuel up for my lifting session in the afternoon on the weekends! Always fun to switch things up, plus, the boy does a great job of encouraging me & pushing me when we workout together!

Have a great Saturday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey


Are you joining in the challenge!? I can’t wait to see your videos & posts!!