Powerbowl Challenge Day [Four], Shoulder Taps Exercise, & Salmon Wrap!

September 4, 2013 -
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hi all! Today’s post is all about recent foods & fitness! Which I guess isn’t anything out of the ordinary, right? Winking smile

I was going to wait to post this until today, but couldn’t help myself and had to share last night on [Instagram]. Every night I crave something sweet & ever since I’ve become slightly obsessed with making FRONANA – my sweet tooth has been happy!


Dessert FRONANA #POWERBOWL with some added cinnamon vanilla & hazelnut stevia (iherb.com coupon code XUG228) frozen spinach & a few spoonful’s of hemp seeds  this made it SUPER creamy! Blend then pop back into the freezer for 20ish minutes then top with highly recommended, peanut butter, hemp seeds, & my chocolate sauce. Also some new “CEREAL” made an appearance  (with inspiration from the @purelytwins) that I will be sharing soon!

Another round of shout outs to these lovely ladies who had some awesome #POWERBOWLCHALLENGE creations that they shared.


Lauren is just too cute!
A power jar of
PB & Strawberry Chia Oats is totally approved!




Want to join us?

The official hashtag for this challenge is #PowerbowlChallenge so when you post to the app or website, make sure to share it on your social media so we can all see!

  • Upload a picture or leave a comment of your own POWERBOWL creation to share with me & the other participants by downloading the iPhone app or going to the Challenge Loop site every day to post.
  • I will choose the winners at random who show that they completed the #PowerbowlChallenge on the challenge page to receive the Under Armour Swag Bag!
  • You must post at least 8 times on the challenge page in order to be eligible to win.


The other night, Corey’s mom, had us over for dinner. She knew I liked salmon so went out & bought it for us! She is too sweet. The only catch was, I had to teach her how to make it! Winking smile Which obviously I was all OVER this!


Anyway, I did a little research on Pinterest & wanted to keep it basic so she could make it when I’m not there.

I took the fresh pieces, put them onto foil, rubbed with a little EVOO + old bay (my favorite spice ever), dill, sea salt, pepper, & lemon juice.

Then made little “pockets” out of the foil, put into the oven at 375 degrees for about 30 minutes. Keep an eye on it though because you don’t want to overcook it! It came out looking & smelling pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

We all enjoyed it & the best part was there were LEFTOVERS for the next day.


Brown Rice Wrap stuffed with basil, roasted beets,
avocado, mustard, spinach, & salmon.

Grilled like a Panini with my NEW $1 WAFFLE MAKER.

And a side of snap peas & salsa.


This was perfect post workout after a great shoulder focus day with my Gym Twin, Jenna!

I posted this picture yesterday but realized I forgot to mention why we were facing the wrong way on the shoulder press machine.


I think I saw this done before online, but basically if you face the opposite way it’s more of a pushing forward motion that hits the front/middle of your deltoid (shoulder). I personally like to switch things up, even if that means just switching up my body placement!

We did a set of shoulder press followed directly by front raises then 40 SHOULDER TAPS for 3 sets.


You can even ask Jenna, these things are deceivingly hard – especially done right after shoulder/arm work!

How To:

  • Get into a plank position
  • Take your arm & “tap” your opposite shoulder.
  • Make sure to keep your core & legs tight.
  • This is a great arm exercise utilizing the whole body.

Let me know if you try these out! I’m off to walk with mamacakes to catch up & enjoy the sunshine today.


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