Making peace with myself & seizing the day!

July 13, 2013 -
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Good morning all! Hope you’re having a great start to your weekend.

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This week has been a busy week of getting back into the swing of things.  My sister-in-law and I came home & hit the ground running of catching up with work. We had a big talk the other day because we both felt a little overwhelmed after a few days off of enjoying the relaxation of vacation. I think this is a normal feeling for people. When you take a break from the everyday and go on vacation – coming back to reality can be overwhelming with e-mails, work, & epic to-do lists to get back on track. We both have goals in the future and know where we want to end up with our careers, but at this point in time we are working hard to get started. Sometimes you can feel like your wheels are turning but not getting anywhere – when it reality, you ARE getting somewhere. Each small step in the right direction is just that; a step in the right direction! We both know that we will get to our goals but we have to work towards them now in order to end up where we want to be. It can be frustrating due to wanting things to happen over night; but not everything works that way. After talking with each other we felt a lot better about everything, especially because we weren’t alone in feeling this way. She sent me a text yesterday morning that we both said was SO ironic after our conversation.


Until we make peace with who we are and the path we’re on – it’s hard to be content with what we have. I saw this and it hit home with me. We have so much to be thankful for in our lives and although something’s about the future are unknown, keeping faith that you are on your path for a reason will help with being content with who are you and what you have.


I posted this while I was on vaca on Instagram & it went well with my sister-in-laws quote above. Seizing your opportunities every day and taking things on one by one is a great way to get things accomplished while enjoying the process and not overwhelming yourself. I find that writing To-Do lists are a great way for me to feel like stressed about my upcoming deadlines! Not only do I try and seize the day with my projects, but also with my personal life!

The same day I was stressed over little things was also the day that I found out two pretty cool things – 1) I hit 5,000 facebook likes! Which means to much to me. I never would have thought that taking the leap to share my story 2 years ago would lead me down this path where I get to help others along the way! So thankful.


2) I was recognized as 1 of 8 of the Top Motivational Instagram Accounts to follow via IDEA FIT & Challenge Loop!


These two events happened back to back in the same hour & I couldn’t help but think this was a reminder and a lesson to be learned to keep pushing forward & trust the process!

Sidenote: Thank you all for your support – it means a lot! Red heart

Yesterday Corey & I both had off so we were able to spend the day together. We both get real excited about days like this where we can just live without time constraints. Our friday consisted of sleeping in a bit (my body was craving rest) before I headed to the gym while Corey stayed back to work on some homework. I had an awesome workout after taking a needed rest day Thursday! I was full of energy and did a nice back focus day followed by a power burst similar to this one.

On my ride home I stopped by a farm stand – the lady who runs this one is SO SWEET! I got fresh cherries, blueberries, peaches, tomatoes, & zucchini & squash that were 3 for $1.50!! They were HUGE too. Totally made my day! I used the cherries for a new breakfast recipe & the peaches & blueberries for another recipe I will be sharing soon!IMG_5301

The boy also does a good job of making my day Winking smile ha!


The rest of the afternoon was spent in the sunshine by the lake! We take advantage of being close to the water & relaxing. I brought a POWERBOWL of spinach, butternut squash, olives, red onion, tomatoes, hummus, hemp seeds, & a simple dressing of EVOO, vinegar, stevia, & dijon.

On our way home, I was reminiscing of my Mexican POWERBOWL from the other day.


*Spinach, onion, cucumbers, black beans, salsa, avocado.

This made us crave mexican food so we had planned on stopping for dinner but then realized we had most of the ingredients already on hand to make our own, save money, & have leftovers!


Used some of the veggies I picked up from the day to make caramelized zucchini, squash, & onions (just in the pan with minced garlic until tender) topped with brown rice, avocado, mango peach salsa (from Walmart- so good!), green onion, black beans, & fresh lime!

Also used the lime to make 


Lime juice + carbonated water + ice + liquid stevia.

Corey said it tastes juts like pop! Or soda, whichever your prefer Winking smile

We spent the rest of the evening at a friends apartment chatting away for hours. I made dessert for us with our fresh peaches & blueberries but we were so beat by the time we were home that going to bed (and washing all of the dishes) took precedence over dessert – crazy I know!


That doesn’t mean I didn’t eat it for breakfast though –
just wait til’ you see that masterpiece!!Winking smile

All in all, even with big to-do lists, I always find time to seize the day. Whether it’s a simple walk outside, cooking a new recipe, or spending time with people you care about – there is always opportunity to take a deep breath, relax, & ENJOY!


Also, big things coming next week to the blog!
We are finally getting to the point of launching some new items
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The above bracelets will be available as well as other items that I will be sharing soon!

I hope you take time this weekend to the seize the day & be true to you!

Red heart Kasey

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with to-do lists after taking a break for a while?
Know that you’re not alone!
Trust your process & keep taking those steps forward in YOUR right direction.