My decision to join CrossFit.

January 6, 2013 -
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hi all! Hope you are having a great weekend!

Did you know that I finally joined CrossFit!? Gosh, I’ve been dying to join! A friend of mine has been going for over a year so I finally reached out to her & went this week! I got to jump in on a WOD on my first night – BUT not before going over proper form. Since I’m not a total newbie when it comes to lifting, the owner ran through the WOD with me before clearing me to try it out. I did a proper warm up and practiced my power cleans over & over again. I’m the kind of person who wants to do things the right way & will work on it until I get it! Therefore, before the workout even started I probably did about 20 power cleans on my own. Fact is- I enjoy anything with the word POWER attached to it, duh.

Not sure what a power clean is? Check it here.

power clean how-to

The Friday night WOD was


Power Cleans & Chest to bar pull ups

(I wish I was beast enough to do pull-ups on my own – something I’m working towards within the next 5 years)
so I used a band to assist me on the pull ups! I finished under 9 minutes & it was awesome.

I looked around the room and saw everyone wearing REEBOK CrossFit shoes
& now I’m even more excited to whip these puppies out during my fundamentals course that
I have to take for 2 weeks to really work on proper form!


I have to admit that my traps & shoulders are super duper sore today from all of the power cleans;
and staying after the WOD to work on them even more probably didn’t help the soreness.

But I’m not afraid of it! Winking smile Nothing that a bag of frozen peas can’t help.

So when it comes to joining CrossFit, I’ve been an athlete my whole life & I’ve been itching for that “competition” feeling lately.

Now, you may know that I’ve done some competitions before;

my pros and cons of competing

and again, they were to compete with myself & not worry about what a judge thinks of me.

But, now I really want to focus on competing again with my athletic abilities. I want to gain more strength & do new things!

The main thing I love about CrossFit is the element of the “Unknown” – you walk in every day not knowing what the work out will be. The fear of the unknown used to be something I struggled with throughout my life. I like things planned & to be in control of what is happening; but sometimes life doesn’t always work that way. I find myself procrastinating on things I am so passionate about, only because of the fear of the unknown. But in reality, what really is the unknown? What is failure? Why am I so afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet OR may never happen?

These are lessons I am able to work on with my daily life and CrossFit is a good fit right now. Walking in, not knowing what I’m about to be challenged with, & then completing the workout with a sense of accomplishment. Afterwards, that fear of the unknown is overcome & it’s a very liberating feeling. Don’t get me wrong, I love the gym and I work at a gym, but having someone to be my trainer and coach me through a work out is something I’ve missed & am so excited about.

Saturday was an open workout for anyone. The WOD was…


I finished in about 24 minutes – my eyes were a little blurry when I looked up at the clock after coming in from running outside.

I refueled with my VEGA vanilla performance protein shake!

Anyone else following along with Thrive Forward??
I’ve been watching all of my free lessons I get with the program and they are SO informational!
Even if you’re not going to eat 100% plant based, there is a topic for everyone.

Definitely check that out if you haven’t’ yet.

Back to CrossFit, I found this video the other day & got so inspired.

Some of the top CrossFit athletes share how they believe beauty is strength.

So take a look here & try not to develop a girl crush on Andrea Ager. She is LEGIT.

After a great workout & training my new client –
I made a HUGE powerbowl & topped it with my CREAMY TAHINI NOOCH SAUCE
Lots of baked kale, raw veggies, kabocha squash, sundried tomatoes & I added smoked paprika & dill to the dressing.
This is the kind of smoked paprika I buy & I find it in the international isle of the grocery store!
My best friend turned me onto it and I’ve been obsessed ever since.
I’m off to take a much needed rest day from working out but have a much needed productive day for my business!
Things are moving along & I’m hoping to reveal everything soon! WOO HOO!
Enjoy your Sunday!
Red heart

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32 responses to “My decision to join CrossFit.”

  1. jessica franco says:

    Eventhough for you is not going to be a lifechanging experience since you are already in the right track, and you loft and exercise daily, joining crossfit and being part of a box its probably one of the best decisions youve made I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 🙂 Goodluck

  2. Morgan Callahan says:

    Which box are you going to? I have been going to Crossfit Pittsburgh (washington blvd) since October. I absolutely love it. Everyone is so friendly and willing to encourage you, push you, give you tips or bust you when they know you can work harder. I like that I’ll never get bored with the workouts because they will never be the same and when they are, it’s great because you can compare your time and try to beat it, or lift heavier.

    I watched that video about beauty in strength a while ago… those chicks are super inspiring, total girl crush material. I remember the first time I watched crossfit on ESPN (I think it was the 2009 or 2010 games), I was so impressed with small girls like me (ie Julie Foucher who is 5’2″) oly lifting twice their body weight.

    Good luck with your new obsession 🙂 Remember to take care of your calluses and wear long socks for deadlifts and box jumps., and long sleeves when learning double unders.

  3. Crossfit is so intriguing! There isn’t a box near me, but I love seeing the workouts online, and have started incorporating some of the exercises into my strength training routines.

    I’ve seen that smoked paprika before, but never tried it because I didn’t know if the quality would be good. Thanks for the tip–I’ll be picking some up! 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you are trying out CrossFit! I fell in love about a year ago and can’t imagine training any other way now! Can’t wait to hear about your experiences in CrossFit!

  5. I have always wanted to try but found out about it later in life for me. I know older people do it but my focus is keeping my joints & bod in good shape as I age & I am already 55 & feel some of the wear & tear from my 30++ years. I love my traditional weight lifting so I will never give that up but maybe a modified Crossfit at some point. No $$ in the budget at all right now & I feel I need one on one help & not a video to be sure I don’t injure myself.

    I love that you are doing this & experimenting!

  6. HOLY GIRL CRUSH FORMED. Seriously. Andrea is so cool.

    Can’t wait to hear about your crossfit adventures! Keep us posted 🙂 ps: I am on the road to a bikini competition, but want to have that “strong bikini” look rather than perceived chicken arms and a big butt… any tips?!

    • Kasey says:

      She is awesome and so are you!!! I def. did not have the chicken arms girl – LIFT HEAVY!!! Be strong and beautiful on stage and BE TRUE TO YOU!! keep me posted the whole way! Remember to keep in mind it’s your goal and not worry about what the judge thinks of you!

  7. Kat says:

    I’m trying crossfit for the first time in two weeks and am so nervous! I want to excel but afraid to hurt myself since I’ve mainly been running. You’ll kick butt! It’ll be awesome to watch you in your journey to keep me motivated 😉

  8. Kim Perry says:

    INSTANT girl crush! Thanks for that video and for always encouraging me to be strong!
    Talk about a POWERbowl! That has to be one of the best looking bowls I’ve seen yet! 🙂

  9. I am starting CrossFit this month as well! It will be so foreign to me to not know what workout I’ll be doing that day! Definitely a little bit of a shock to my normal gym/running routine. 🙂 I am excited for the challenge!

  10. Caitlin says:

    i like the “unknown” element of workouts, i totally feel you on that! i would join crossfit if it didn’t cost anything ha, i already have a gym membership and am not looking to buy another. but my gym has classes like bootcamp and interval training that change things up all the time. i went to bootcamp yesterday and had no clue what to expect! it’s good for me because like you i have struggled with uncertainty and the desire to always be in control. but if we only stick with the certain, how will we ever learn new workouts?! oh and love the shoes 🙂

  11. Megan says:

    Loveeeeee CrossFit! best decision I made a year ago. I used to go to a box that would post the WOD the night before on their website. When I first started I would look it up and be like “ugh I can’t do toes to bar.. I’m not going tomorrow”. Now I go to a closer box that does NOT post the WOD ahead of time and I go SO much more often because I have no idea what the WOD is! It has totally boosted my confidence- and it’s great knowing you can scale everything.

  12. I’ve always wanted to join a box as well, however, the cost has always held me back. But guess what! I snagged a Groupon deal for a local Crossfit box and am starting this weekend! I’m psyched but nervous that I’m going to fall in love and not be able to afford classes after I use my sessions. 🙁

    • Kasey says:

      I totally can relate girl! I am able to swing it as my splurge each month because I miss that feeling of competitive athletics but I can totally relate! I hope you enjoy your groupon!! LOVE THAT APP!

  13. Cassandre says:

    CrossFit scares me. I don’t think I’m ready for it physically but as I get stronger I definitely would love to try CrossFit. good luck and enjoy.

  14. […] I am starting with a new personal training client! Anyway, you all may know that I’ve started CrossFit – but the fundamentals course doesn’t begin until next Monday…therefore, I am doing my own […]

  15. Yay for CrossFit! I started that over my Christmas break when I was home; I did it for a month! Now that I am back at school, I am going to try out working out at the gym again (and incorporating what I learned). I am not sure how long I am going to be able to go without it because I loved it. I loved that the workouts were planned, unknown, and TOUGH. And I loved that the trainers were constantly involved…and I loved the GROUP atmosphere with so much support. We have a few boxes in my town (it’s just expensive.. and the rec is FREE).

    And, like you… I want to do COMPETITIONS. But I have never had a desire for body building (or anything figure-based). I want it to be based on what I am actually able to accomplish. I want to be STRONG. Okay, end rant. 🙂 I’m currently watching your vlog and dear lord, we are the same person. Just saying.

    And since I am IN college, I am discovering this now. Everything that YOU are discovering. It’s so tough because no other girls understand! I want to help them but I guess these are realizations you have to come to for yourself?!

  16. and now I am further in your vlog and i’m realizing that you made these changes in your sophomore. more reason we are the same person. haha

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