Personal Grocery Shopper & New Finds!

January 13, 2013 -
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hi all! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA – powercakes is a busy girl over here.

Although, I do update my “on the go blog” Instagram daily so you can always check up on that!

I’ve said in recent posts that I’ve picked up a few new personal training clients, as well as continuing to move forward with my business. This time in my life is super busy but so rewarding at the same time. For example, as part of her training package, one of my new clients wanted me to take her to the grocery store so I could help her pick out healthy eats! OF COURSE I was all over this – Dream job? I think so. We met at Whole Foods Saturday afternoon (with everyone else in the whole world-busy time) and we walked around as I introduced her to new ingredients! I wasn’t the only one teaching though – she was able to introduce me to a new find!

Kohlrabi! Have you ever tried?


Please excuse my nails that need re-done. BUT this stuff is great!

I actually just washed it & used a veggie peeler to scrape off some of the outside.

I chopped it up & ate it raw in my afternoon POWERBOWL.


Accompanied by

  • warm kale with nooch & smoked paprika
  • roasted brussels
  • red onion
  • cooked sweet potato chips
  • cooked purple potato chips
  • kalamata olives
  • tomatoes


that I will be sharing during our February #plantPOWER challenge!

I haven’t done a VLOG in a while (eventually I will purchase a video camera to do these more often)

so I videoed my POWERBOWL experience & papacakes made an appearance. #mylife

How I make a warm kale POWERBOWL via POWERCAKES

I was inspired because I took my client back to her house to go over some of the ingredients that she could cook up.

I was in the teaching mood! Which, am I ever out of the teaching mood? Nope.

As we walked around the store, I realized how much I actually knew about most of the foods! Go me!

On the way between the grocery store & her house; I was starving thanks to my awesome CrossFit workout at 9am that day!


  • Finished in 19:15.

In my new obsession my car I snacked on one of my favorite #plantPOWER snacks – Pistachios!


I keep this guy in my glove box so if I’m ever caught out without a snack; no worries!

After going back and going over the groceries, we did a kick butt workout & then I headed home for a busy busy night of business stuff!

I’m making moves over here people, don’t you worry!

Easy for me to tell you not to worry, when sometimes I can get caught up in worry if I let myself

I’ve mentioned here before, that when a negative or overwhelming thought comes into my head,

I put an end to it by taking a deep breath, continuing to believe in faith, & remember to CHOOSE to be happy.

Or I just call Heather who has the most amazing gift of calming people down.

And I guess having an amazing boyfriend doesn’t hurt the situation either Red heart #mushymoment


He needs to do some guest posts up in here – he is my rock, that’s for sure.

Lot’s of stuff happening this week so I started this Sunday morning off with some HOT YOGA which is good for the body & soul.

This week will consist of

  • training clients
  • meeting with a possible new client
  • business meetings x 3
  • CrossFit Fundamentals classes

I am so excited for the fundamentals classes to start because a workout out for me is a release of stress & helps clear my mind.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday &

remember to CHOOSE happiness!


Have you ever bought a new veggie that you haven’t tried before?

Anyone ever try Kolhrabi??