Friday Recipe Features & believing in yourself. [10/18]

October 18, 2013 -
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Happy Friday All! Last nights #PowerInPink twitter chat went awesome & let me tell you, it was so inspiring. Hearing the women’s stories about how they overcame their diagnosis while continuing their love for fitness was so motivating.


For today, I wanted to feature all of YOU! Trust me, I get so so so excited whenever someone makes a recipe of mine or get inspired by a recipe to make their own twist on it! I’ve been saving up some recent recipes from you guys on my phone so feel free to check them out below & get hungryyyy! Winking smile


@AccidentlyDelish made a Powercake roll up! DELISH.


@Sweatthesweetstuff made my [Tomato Basil Brussels] & served it along side salmon. A girl after my own heart!!


@Sproutsnsquats made my #DailyHiit recipe of [Chia Oatmeal Smash] topped with berries & almonds. Perfect way to start the day.


@mmannchentiu made my [Toffee Apple Steel Cut oats] & topped them with poached eggs – I swear it tastes like bread pudding! AND I also love that we have matching placemats!!


@itsjillianmcl made some oatmeal in a nut butter jar with [Strawberry Chia Jam]!


@thislittlechickpea made my [Gingerbread Chia Oat Parfait] which is a great fall breakfast recipe!


@AvocadoAthlete made my [Creamy Pumpkin Curry Sauce] approximately an hour after I posted it – which completely made my day! She also served it over mung bean noodles for a protein packed powermeal!


Thank you ladies for sharing your meals with me!

Before I go, don’t forget it’s your last chance to enter the [HARBINGER FIT PALM GRIP Giveaway!]


Also wanted to share some late night motivation from last night.


I think if we all took the steps to believe in ourselves a little bit more, we would have more confidence moving towards the direction of our dreams & goals. Sometimes we worry so much about the branch breaking from underneath of us (often times before it even comes close to happening) that we lose sight of the trust we have within ourselves if that branch were to break.

In order for that fear to decrease, we need to believe in ourselves more & know that we can’t always control what happens but we can control how we react to what happens. It’s not always easy but lets all challenge each other to just trust in yourself a bit more – after all, we know ourselves better than anyone else does.

Have an amazing Friday!

be true to you,

Red heart Kasey



what is your go-to powermeal?



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4 responses to “Friday Recipe Features & believing in yourself. [10/18]”

  1. All of these pictures look wonderful! There are so many of your recipes I still want to try. Had your pumpkin, buckwheat, spinach powercakes for breakfast this morning 🙂 Thank you for sharing your beautiful quote/picture. I always enjoy your honesty and thoughtfulness and somehow it always comes at the perfect time :). You are right – we let ourselves stand in our own way. Fear can be a huge barrier. I love your last sentence – ‘lets all challenge each other to just trust in ourselves’ – I will think about that this weekend if I feel my fear standing in my way and know we all have each others backs. Thank you Kasey!

  2. Oh I have been writing about this as you know with the UA campaign & today too… Great recipes! 🙂

  3. Such a great message as always!! Thanks so much for sharing my photo and so excited my Powercakes tank has shipped

  4. Marisa says:

    That text on that photo….. whew… thank you 🙂

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