[Creamy Pumpkin Curry Sauce] & being in the present.

October 16, 2013 -
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Hey all! Happy Wednesday! It’s a rainy day here which is the perfect excuse to stay inside and get organized!! I swear whenever I travel on the weekends, it takes me few days to get back into the swing of things, catch up on laundry, and stop living out of my suitcase Winking smile Because what’s the difference if I take the clothes out of a drawer or a suitcase? Just don’t tell mamacakes I said that.

Yesterday we had a great Power Hour class at GNC! It’s our 5th week of our 8 week program & everyone is making so many improvements!! Shout out to my girl, Maria, who yesterday added a challenge to one of our exercises and she crushed it! I always say, we ARE stronger than we realize. You go girl!

After my class I headed to the gym for a leg workout and I felt great throughout out. Fueling my body with ENOUGH food has completely enhanced my workouts & my energy is so consistent. I’m tellin’ ya people, fuel your body! Find what works for you but try not to fear carbs because those are what helps your muscles out throughout your day and workouts!

After the workout, I did a bunch of grocery shopping, ate dinner, then got to work on the tank top orders! All envelopes were personally packed by yours truly Winking smile and en route to your house as you read this!


Throughout this year of starting my business & taking on my entrepreneur goals, I’ve been taking pictures to document everything. Even though I was like half asleep with a messy bun, mamacakes made sure to have a kodak moment.


My living room is my warehouse & my kitchen table is my office – but it’s all good! Winking smile You make the best of each situation & roll with it. Mamacakes always says, “look at every opportunity as an adventure!”


My girl Heather always knows the right words to say as well. I check her Soul Scripture daily and I swear she reads my mind. We are soul sisters after all! What she says is true though – the more present we are in each moment, the less we worry about the future.

Last week I had some cool things happen & instead of living 100% in the moment, I was worrying about the future (even a good worry!). This led to stress that I didn’t even know what I was stressing over.

I am really working on living in each moment & being PRESENT with what is happening. For example, instead of quickly packing each package & worrying about what time I’ll get to the post office the next day – I took my time, packed each package & noticed each city I was shipping to and thought – wow, how cool!? We’ve got Chicago, PA, California, North Dakota, Florida, Hawaii, & even Australia to name a few!!

Taking the time to be present in what I was doing and not thinking about tomorrow, was the best choice I could’ve made. I am so appreciated for all of the support from everyone & can’t wait to see the tanks represented all over the place. Red heart


Let’s talk FUEL! So recently, (or always), I love me some pumpkin. I made this Pumpkin Alfredo last year and found myself craving it the other night for dinner. I was hungry though & didn’t feel like getting all of the pots out to make a big meal so I made a simple recipe based off my old one and this time, added CURRY to it!


My new love that I found at Whole Foods made a great addition to the Pumpkin Sauce.


[Makes 3-4 Servings]


*You can find some of these on iherb.com $5-10 coupon code XUG228.


  1. Add all ingredients into a blender & blend until smooth.
  2. You made need to add more or less liquid depending on your preferences.
  3. Feel free to heat up the sauce on the stove until warm.

Or, if you’re like me, I like cold food so I served it over warm mung bean noodles (found at a local store) with added brussels & olives.

If you give it a try – I hope you enjoy!


be true to you,

Red heart Kasey


What is your favorite pumpkin dish?