Friday Features: Embracing Our Different Food Choices!

April 26, 2013 -
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Good Afternoon everyone! Happy Friday! Don’t forget that you have until Saturday at midnight to enter the Headbands Of Hope Giveaway! I’ve already been told by a handful of people that they’ve purchased some headbands & that made my day! You are making a difference in this beautiful cause.



I wanted to start today’s Feature Friday by highlighting a post from FitFluential where they asked…


For those who have followed my blog, you all know that I constantly say #BETRUETOYOU – why? Because everyone’s body is different & works differently with different foods! Notice the over-use of different in that sentence; because, everyone is different for a reason. Being “different” is not a bad thing. I can totally relate to this post because people are often judged based off their food choices & I’ve been seeing a lot of negativity lately through social media. I like to be on the happy & motivational side of the fitness blog world & I love to see others LIFT each other up instead of put them down.

I’ve been through years of stomach issues & have spent tons of time trying to figure out what works for my own body. Now that I found what is working for my body, I love to help others find what works for them! Most of you know, my body does better when I eat mostly plant based with the occasional not plant based food items. Does this mean I discourage anyone who doesn’t eat the way I do? Absolutely not! Do I think it’s important that we all enjoy more plants in our day to day lives in addition to our other food choices? Yes! I am obviously an advocate for being healthy & taking care of our bodies. I embrace everyone for being different & don’t look down on anyone for their food decisions. To me, it doesn’t make them a bad person if they choose certain foods that my body wouldn’t digest the same way.

Feeling judged is one of the worst feelings to feel & I do my best to make it clear that I do not judge people based on their foods. Trust me, through the years of eating “differently” from others – I’ve received many comments & noses turned up at my food choices which made me feel like I always needed to explain myself. Once I really started to embrace my powercakes self & realize that I am true to my own body – I couldn’t wait until someone asked about my food so I could tell them all about the new recipe I tried or the new spices that I used! Winking smile See, it’s just a shift in attitude towards the situation.

If you are happy, healthy, & living your life the way that works for your own body – I am so happy for YOU! That’s the beauty of this world; we’re all different.

Less Judgment. More Acceptance.

In my (almost) two years of blogging, (my blogiversary will be in June!), one of the best compliments I can ever get is when someone makes one of my recipes & posts a picture of it! Obviously my recipes range anywhere from ones that include animals proteins to ones that don’t. This basically shows how my journey to figure out my digestion has changed over the years but one thing that was always the same was my love & passion for creating “clean” recipes with my favorite foods. Over the past few weeks I’ve accumulated some awesome reader posts & thought it was perfect timing to share how everyone made these recipes true to themselves & shared it with me.

Feature Friday


My girl over at the CoolKumquat made my Strawberry Chia Jam Filled Muffins. She actually made them PLANT POWERED by subbing agar agar for eggs! I am so excited to try them like this – thanks girl! Winking smile


@xrainer posted this picture of my Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from yesterday’s post!! They look delish!


@VeggieHead13 loaded her #powerbowl salad with Green Goddess Dressing; a great way to get those GREENS into your day!


My girl @KarraShmash switched up her morning drink routine by adding in my Apple Pie Cleanser! Perfect way to kick start your day!


Inspirational @SLCgirlrunning made this awesome #POWERBOWL with a turkey burger, pepitas, nutritional yeast, & green beans! YUM!


You all are awesome & I am so happy you liked these recipes! Seeing all of these “different” recipes makes me happy to know that you are enjoying being true to yourself & your food choices! Don’t forget that being different is not a negative thing. My girl @gorgeousssleep says it best…



Red heart Kasey

Do you ever feel judged based on food choices or do you embrace being true to yourself?