#Winning Apple Pie Cleanser

August 15, 2012 -
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hi all!
Hope you’re having a good week!
today I wanted to share with you a new variation of an old favorite.
I converted my Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanser Drink into an
Apple Pie Cleanser Drink.

Thanks to my friend, Vanilla Liquid Stevia.

*I may even try to be a hand model with my new shellac manicure!

Long gone are the days when I would spend money on nails I couldn’t keep up with;
Shellac is way cheaper & healthier for your nails!

Anyway, I ran out of plain liquid stevia.
not okay.
BUT then I remember that I had vanilla hidden in the tea cabinet.
yes I have cabinet just for teas.

So I added a few drops of vanilla stevia to my original ACV drink
1 TB RAW ACV + Dash of Cinnamon + Squeeze of fresh Lemon Juice + Drop of Stevia
Then fill the cup up with water & ice while mixing & BOOM!

Tastes like a Vanilla Apple Pie in my mouth.
& it’s a great way to cleanse your system in the morning!


Yeah so maybe #winning is so “out” now in the Twitter world,
but it felt appropriate at the time since that’s what my mouth was saying.

Hope you’ll try it out & think of me when your mouth is #winning! Winking smile

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What is your favorite way to re-hydrate in the morning?