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November 1, 2012 -
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hi all!!

Due to the weather, my girl Heather is still in Vegas trying to get a flight back east!
Totally sending positive thoughts her way!

Red heart
Because things are out of our control right now;
we are going to postpone the #plantPOWER Winner post!

Just for a few days – until we can get it all squared away!!

No worries though – we are SUPER pumped to announce the winners
because you all did amazing and we are so excited to move forward with this!

A little inside scoop;
we’ve got a #plantPOWER grand prize for ONE lucky winner
(wish we could give it to ALL of you)
but we will pick one of you that we think really deserves it
based off your consistent posts/pictures/tweets & effort in the challenge!

For now; check out my PLANT POWER RECAP video
where I go into detail about eating plant based all month!

Remember, this is my experience & my story;
I am in no way saying this is what you SHOULD do!

Everyone can make their own choices
and I am very excited to share my honest story with you!!

plantpower recap via powercakes & mamacakes




Did you enjoy this months challenge?
Would you like to see this again in the NEAR future? Winking smile

What was your favorite part about the challenge?

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15 responses to “#plantPOWER Recap VLOG”

  1. lindsay says:

    ahhh loved hearing mamacakes! so awesome!

  2. Love this video! I’m definitely up for a plant power challenge again very soon! I’ve been eating so many more veggies and feel awesome!

  3. Kim Perry says:

    Seriously, your blog has changed my life! I love your blogs – especially your videos!!
    And this plantPOWER challenge has been amazing 🙂
    Thank you so much 🙂

  4. Jess says:

    Glad the challenge worked out so well for you – even though I was quite cynical about the challenge in the first VLog’s post comments section (I think it was the first one anyway) I do have to say you totally proved me wrong on all fronts.

    I would be very interested to see a montage of plant power meals and snacks, perhaps to give other people ideas? Just because you’re doing so well with getting a lot of plant based protein and I think outlining sample meals and snacks for a day would be helpful for everyone, including me – I still struggle with protein (I can’t have soy very often and I can’t handle chickpeas/socca that well either) and I’ve been plant-based for years. I’m really impressed with how well you’ve adapted to the diet and it’s great that it has been such a transformative experience.

    • Kasey says:

      Thank you Jess for this comment! I am very happy that you see my genuine reasoning for what I was doing with the plantPOWER challenge. I just posted today some sample eats throughout the day! I hope you enjoy it! <3

  5. Kasey thanks so much for doing this plantPOWER month! I had a blast doing it! You know I’m obsessed with your powercakes as I post them like everyday! Haha. This is a great way to get me aware and motivate me to make more power meals! I look forward to more in future!

    I hope heather gets home safely but Vegas isn’t too bad of a place to be haha.

    Love you girls!

  6. Love this! You are incredible and so cute mamacakes 🙂

    Honestly, this challenge has definitely spurred something in me to get those greens and plant power in. I have decided this month to switch out all my old protein powders (lots of whey and random stuff) to all plant based. I feel better already having adding loads more greens into my diet this month and have you and Heather to thank. Never thought it would take something like this to make me realize what my diet was lacking! Thanks again to the both of you – such a great thing you are doing over there 🙂

  7. Stephanie says:

    This last month has been a TON of fun!! I didnt completely cut out animal protein but here is what I did DO: I eliminated my snacks of greek yogurt and cottage cheese, cut my turkey/chicken intake at least in HALF, hardly eat cheese, increased my egg white protein consumption (spinach pancake- UM YES), and FOCUSed on more VEGGIES!! So here’s what happened; I felt WAY less bloated during the day (I think the dairy was taking its toll on me), my cravings for sweets decreased :), I don’t feel so “heavy” after lunch/dinner because my main focus was meat protein, and I more “regular”. I am feeling GREAT, and appreciating my body more–Its a continuous love/hate relationship, but that’s a whole other story…I agree with the whey protein, I have tried in the past= no bueno, I still havent found a protein powder that agrees with my body :/, so I will stick to the egg whites/eggs. Loving coconut oil, peanut butter, and nutritional yeast. I have to admit, I am a 100% country girl, live on an organic dairy, rodeo, etc. but cutting back my meat protein intake has helped me!!! Thank you for opening my eyes!! I dont know if I will ever eliminate meat/eggs 100%, but that’s OK, everyone is different, and has the right to choose!

  8. Paige Becker says:

    Girl. That post was awesome. I totally feel ya on the stomach issues… I have been struggling with stomach aches, bloating & irregularity for YEARS. After 6 weeks on a plantPOWERed, 95% vegan diet, I feel awesome too! The main physical perk for me is being regular 😉 … I don’t think it’s TMI because that can make a HUGE difference in how you feel! Especially if you’ve had issues with IBS, etc for a long time.

    I just feel SO much more alert/lighter/healthier with this way of eating and it’s a blessing to have found other people who enjoy it as well! My parents, brother, & husband recently started eating a mostly plant based diet and it works well for them too.

    The #plantPOWER challenge was so fun & I would love to see more of it in the future!! I think my favorite part was just being inspired to plan ahead and try new things based on the theme for the day. Thanks for being so encouraging, open, & honest with all of the people who follow your blog!


  9. Ashley says:

    I followed your challenge the whole month but didnt quite actually do it and i wish i did! I use to be a vegetarian for about a year and did it about 50% right. i ate lots of veggies and beans, tofu ect, but i also was worried about the protein so i ate alot of fake meats that i now realize are loaded with sodium! I’ve been trying to gain muscle and lose fat so i started eating meat about 7 months ago and feel like there are good and bad effects to it. i love the protein but when i was a vegetarian i lost weight so easily! For my November goals im really going to try to cut back on the meat now! ill still have my eggs in my powercakes though ;] moderation is key! im so glad i watched your video!

  10. Sami says:

    Hi Kasey!

    I just want to say that I LOVED the plantPower challenge! I followed your blog all month long (i LOVE your blog you are such an inspiration :)). And although I did not go completely plant based, I definitely followed a lot of your recipes, and started to try out new veggies that I had never even considered before. I am absolutely obSeSSED with butternut squash now!!! (although it is such a PAIN to cut – it is so worth it ;).

    I can’t wait for the upcoming challenges you have mentioned and am really excited to hear about your new business!!

    Thanks for being so encouraging and sharing your experiences!!

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  13. You are oh so adorable. LOVED this video.

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