Following your heart, doing deadlifts, & Friday Feature-Jesse Dietrick!

July 19, 2013 -
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Still a bit of a crazy week but in the midst of sliding down slip n’ slides & being coach of the year, I’ve had a lot of positive things happening when it comes to my career! Can’t wait to share after all of the details get worked out. I posted this to twitter the other day & it’s something I truly believe.


I heard this years ago & it continues to be a quote I refer back to often. This week was full of positive things along with some tough decisions I had to make for my career. Marie Forleo always says, “sometimes you gotta jump on the no train!” which means sometimes you have to say no to things even if it’s uncomfortable to do so. As long as you do it in a professional way, you have to go with your gut & your instincts to know what’s best for you! A lot of the time we are overwhelmed with so many responsibilities because we’ve said yes to too many things in fear of saying no. With that being said, I followed my heart this week & I truly believe I am headed down the path I am meant to be on. Moral of the story – be true to YOU & listen to your heart.


Let’s talk fitness! Even though today is a jam-packed day, I still managed to squeeze in an awesome leg day.

After a proper warm-up & a 500 meter Row, I did 4 rounds of 15 deadlifts – adding weight each time.

Have I mentioned I LOVE DEADLIFTS? It’s one of those movements that you feel like a total boss while doing. One of the gym members even came over and said to me, “dang Kasey, I look over and think, I don’t want to mess with that girl!” Meanwhile, I’m rocking a hot pink & grey outfit with my hair in a messy bun – how intimidating can I really be? Winking smile

photo (5)

Started by going through the movement with an empty bar (make sure to squeeze through your hamstrings & glutes while focusing on your heels pressing into the ground.) A deadlift does wonders for the whole body & stimulates multiple muscle groups.

My weights looked like this;


I wanted to keep it moderately heavy but not too close to my 1 rep max.

Do what works for YOU.

I also did some other leg exercises then finished with some burpee box jumps & sprints.


Speaking of following your heart & going for your career, today I wanted to share with you a friend of mine who is making big moves with his career in fitness! His name is Jesse. We’ve been friends now for years since our mom’s personal train together. It’s pretty cool that we both followed in our mother’s footsteps Winking smile  Anyway, he was an exercise science major & is currently in the middle of his summer internship in California with Todd Durkin’s Fitness Quest 10!

Jesse started a blog to recap his journey through these months and in August we plan on visiting him during our week in Cali when we go to the Idea Worlds Convention!! Here is a little about Jesse:


Jesse Intro

You can connect with Jesse on Twitter & follow his blog here!

Can’t wait to get out to CALI in a few weeks to see him & I wish him the best of luck!!


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What’s your favorite leg exercise?
Do you incorporate deadlifts into your routine?