Cable Cross Over & Bench Dip Super-Set for Power Monday Moves!

December 2, 2013 -
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Hey all! Hope you had a great weekend! I’ve been visiting the boy & it truly was a relaxing weekend – something we both needed for sure! We even got to decorate our little Christmas Tree which totally makes my day. Tomorrow I’ll recap the weekend but today it’s a new POWER MOVE for Monday! Before we get to that, don’t forget that today is a Cyber Monday Deal for the first ten people to order a Powercakes Tank will get a free Be True To You Bracelet!


So let’s get to a new Power Move to start off our week!

I often get questions about exercises to do in the gym. I am constantly making up new super-sets to work muscles but also keep my heart rate up! If you’re not familiar with a super set, it’s basically whenever you do one exercise & then move directly into another one without resting in between.

For example, you could do a Shoulder Press for 10 reps and then Super-Set right into 10 reps of a Lateral Shoulder Raise to really work those shoulders! You can change weights as well. Usually I will drop weight or do body weight exercises for the second part of a super-set since my muscles have felt it at that point.

If you’re looking for a new Super-Set in the gym that will work your muscles and keep your heart rate up, try Cable Cross Overs for 10-12 reps then go directly to bench dips for 10-12 reps or until failure. This will work your arms, chest, core, & legs if you keep them tight during the dips!

PS. Forgive Corey’s “GO!” in the beginning of the video, ha!

Super-Set Cable Cross Over & Bench Dips


  • For Cable cross overs keep the tension & control with your chest & arms and pull down with a smooth motion.
  • With the bench dips, keep palms flat & elbows pointed behind you while you dip down to almost parallel with the bench.
  • Use your arms, shoulders, & chest to push back up making sure to squeeze your legs & core for a tight flowing movement.
  • Rest 30 seconds then start again for 3-4 rounds!

Any questions? Make sure to ask! I am always here to help.

Have a great start to your week!

be true to you,

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Do you have a favorite super-set combo that you do in the gym?