BURPEES! With Power Plates!

February 9, 2014 -
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hello all! Happy Sunday! It’s a snowy one here – again. BUT it does look super pretty out as I type this. I love the morning calmness with the snow falling.

Anywhooooo – I say we get RIGHT into our Power Plates Challenge because who doesn’t love burpees on a Sunday morning?

Not only will you be completing the Power Plates Challenge for the day BUT you are also involved in the FitFluential Burpee Challenge as well! Talk about multi-tasking fitness.

So here we’ve got some variations of the burpee with plates –

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Here is the FitFluential Burpee Challenge information as well along with my Instructional Video on the different variations of burpees.

All which can be done with power plates!

Just be careful with a jump at the end of your movement since you will be landing back on the plates and I’d hate to see a burpee wipeout —-

Kind of like my Friday night with my Mother when we tried to shovel the driveway AFTER it had been driven on. Therefore it was more like shoveling ice & I became super close friends with the pavement.

Final Score:

Driveway – 2

Kasey/Kathy – 0

You can still join us in the Power Plates Challenge by clicking here to ACCEPT the Challenge.1470044_10151986413025342_299491924_n

So give these a try & get after it! You guys are rockin’ these challenges.

I’m off to meet with a new client – super excited! Happy Sunday!

Be true to you,

xo Kasey

Are you a burpee fan? ;]