BBQ Sweet Potato & Hummus Tortilla Pizza

July 31, 2013 -
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Happy Wednesday everyone! Hopefully you got a chance to check out the quote from yesterday’s post – I actually met with my girl Jen last night for dinner & we discussed that quote in detail. We both agreed that we are usually our own worst enemies & how much power our thoughts truly have on us. It was so nice to see her and catch up – we both needed it! I will be posting more about that soon but today I wanted to share with you a NEW RECIPE that I’ve been loving lately!!

Like I’ve discussed [here] I’ve really made an effort to up my carb intake for my own personal needs (don’t fear the carbs-find what works for YOU) and I find myself craving quesadillas! YUM.

My Whole Foods sells 2 different types that I like, Engine 2 Brown Rice Tortillas –


And also Food For Life Tortillas



Both of these hold up well either un-heated or crisped up on the stove!

The other day I came home & was starving so I sautéed some onions, peppers, & spinach in garlic & coconut oil, tossed in 2 eggs (my digestion has been a fan of eggs lately so I’m slowly increasing them back into my diet because I chose to & enjoy them), & also added some black beans to made an amazing filling for my quesadilla!


not that pretty but OH SO good.

I spread some avocado on each tortilla & a sprinkle of nooch, then put one in a pan on medium heat, put the filling on top, & topped the filling with my other tortilla spread with the avocado. Once one side was done cooking, I flipped the quesadilla over to brown the other side. DELISH!

Served with one of my favorite salsa’s – Mango Peach Salsa from Wal Mart.


Yesterday I came home from a great workout similar to [this one] & opened the fridge to pull out all of the foods I was in the mood for. I had some sweet potatoes already prepped & had left over Caveman Bob’s on the fridge door which instantly made me crave BBQ! I’ve said before, I was never really a BBQ fan until I met Caveman Bob Winking smile



  • 1 Tortilla Of Choice
  • 1/2 of a large sweet potato
    • (roasted at 400 for about an hour)
    • Mine was already prepped in the fridge waiting for me.
  • A few handfuls of each (whatever you have on hand and enjoy!)
    • Red Pepper
    • Red Onion
    • Spinach
    • Yellow Squash
    • Broccoli
  • 1/4 Cup Hummus
    • Optional: (mixed with 1 tsp spirulina for some added greens)
    • I get mine & the nutritional yeast on with coupon code XUG228 for first time users!
  • Spoonful of Caveman Bob’s BBQ Sauce 
    • (found at a local health food store)
  • 1 tsp of coconut oil
  • 1 tsp of minced garlic
  • Olives for topping


  1. Sauté red onion, red pepper, spinach, & broccoli in some minced garlic & 1 tsp coconut oil until browned.
  2. While that cooks, crisp your tortilla by laying it into a pan on medium heat until browned & then flip until browned on the other side.
  3. While those two things cook, mix your hummus of choice with your optional 1 tsp of spirulina.
  4. Once the tortilla is browned, spread with hummus mix & BBQ Sauce.
  5. Top with sautéed veggies, sweet potatoes, & olives.
  6. Cut into 4 pieces & EAT UP!

Want to know a funny side note? Literally 2 seconds after I snapped this picture, I went to pick up my plate & the tortilla went sliding off & landed face down on the kitchen table. I laughed & growled out loud at the same time, ha! I then proceeded to get a spatula, scoop it up, & re-plate it so I could eat it up. I trust the cleanliness of my kitchen table so it’s all good Winking smile Just goes to show we’re all human, right!?

Hope you try it out & enjoy!

What’s your favorite thing to make with a tortilla?


Red heart Kasey

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6 responses to “BBQ Sweet Potato & Hummus Tortilla Pizza”

  1. Amy says:

    I have yet to find Caveman Bob’s! I hope they expand their distribution soon!

  2. Oh my gosh this sounds amazing! I love tortilla pizzas…but I also make the same one. I am defiantly going to have to try this soon!

  3. I eat veggie burgers with hummus and bbq sauce all the time, and people think I’m so weird! I want to try Caveman Bob’s, but can’t find it anywhere except online. I’ve been trying the Organicville BBQ Sauce from Whole Foods that is sweetened with agave.

  4. That looks so yummy!! I need to find me some brown rice tortillas so I can give making this recipe a try!

  5. […] BBQ Sweet Potato & Hummus Tortilla Pizza from Kasey at Powercakes blog. I made this in my hotel room last week for dinner using the sweet potato I had prepped in advance and it was so good and so easy to put together. I used gluten free Tortillas since we don’t have brown rice tortilla’s here that I know of. I added artichokes and olives to mine and it was delicious. This is definitely going to be a staple for me both whilst travelling for work (since it comes together very quickly) and at home simple as it is so satisfying and delicious.#2 Serious Cereal (Cookie Dough Cereal) […]

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