Don’t decrease your value…be you & OWN it.

July 30, 2013 -
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Happy Tuesday everyone! It just hit me this morning that in exactly ONE WEEK I will be in California for the IDEA WORLD Convention! Is this real life? It’s been a dream of mine to go to Cali & this year mamacakes & I are making it happen. I cannot wait. For those who don’t know, I am an IDEA Inspired Advisor (along side some amazing women)! We will be attending & covering the convention via blogs, instagram, twitter, facebook, etc.! A ton of awesome things planned and I can’t wait.


I may even get to meet one of my Idols Julieanna Hever! Winking smile


Today I wanted to share a quote I found
& couldn’t wait to post it to Instagram and here.


So often I think we all struggle with how others view us. Sometimes we feel that we need to explain ourselves to others just for being ourselves. Today I’m challenging us to not feel decreased in value just because we feel that others don’t see our worth. Most of the time we put those thoughts into our heads in the first place. We are worth much more than we give ourselves credit for. You may spend so much time trying to get the acceptance of others when it reality, we are taking away time from living in the now & accepting ourselves.

& own it!

Enjoy your Tuesday,

More recipes & reviews coming up this week as well!

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