7 Day Holiday Weekend Recap!

December 27, 2012 -
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hello everyone!! I’m BACKKKK!

along with my cool myspace type selfie pic.

Did you really think I could go a whole 7 days without posting?
Trust me, I had SO many things to talk about but SO little time!

I plan on posting one post about the wedding recap & one about my christmas recap;

but for now, I wanted to update you on my 7 day Holiday weekend!

Talk about busy…the week went something like this,


Thursday = family in from out of town, out to a sushi dinner!

Also tried out my panoramic camera on my iPhone –I need to be more steady next time!

& my boyfriend in the right corner should probably make a nicer face Winking smile

Friday = Gym date with the boyfriend, spray tans with the girls, early Christmas celebration with family.


Some new bling bling thanks to the boyfriendddd.
Red heart

I was unaware that he even knew about my good friend Michael – point for Coreycakes!

Saturday = Nail appointments, out to lunch, wedding rehearsal, rehearsal dinner.


Love my cousins! Kelsi is the beautiful 15 year old (can you believe she’s 15!?!?)
& my little cousin Kyra! She is full of so much energy & I absolutely love it.

Not pictured; my cousin Kaylie & Kolin – who I will post about in my WEDDING POST!


At the rehearsal, I gave my speech about my brother & his new wife’s “Roller Coaster Ride” of a relationship.

I may have to post the speech; it was definitely hallmark worthy!

Sunday = WEDDING DAY!!


Started the morning off with all of the ladies in our cute robes thanks to the bride!


All prepped & ready to go with mamacakes; Who totally ROCKED the RED DRESS!

Monday = Christmas Eve; lots of napping, resting, & then had the NEWLYWEDS over for our exchange.


Also, lots of GREEN SMOOTHIES were consumed because I really wanted to load up on nutrients since I was so exhausted!

*I used the Amazing Meal I got for free with my last purchase from www.iherb.comcoupon code XUG228 if you’re interested!

Tuesday= CHRISTMAS DAY! RELAXED & spent it with the family.


Today = Woke up at 730 for a leg workout then headed to the car dealership with my parents
(I may or may not have gotten my first big girl vehicle!!!) obviously will be posting about it.

We were at the dealership for 7 hours…


Let’s just say that saying goodbye to Tippy the 1997 thunderbird was not the easiest thing.
(notice the hugging of the antenna)
I’ve had her since junior year of high school (6 total years) & she has been a trooper!

I’ve never once complained about having an older vehicle, but she was not doing so well.

Therefore, we had to look into getting me a BIG GIRL CAR.

Let me introduce you to the NEW & IMPROVED TIPPY!


siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiike. #wishfulthinking

Apparently this beautiful thunderbird isn’t even up for sale,
unless the right price came walking through the door I’m sure.

But, I did pick a new car & I will be posting about it once I pick her up!

Ya see, I couldn’t really enjoy the moment as much while I was getting pelted in the face by snow.

It was a blizzard here.

I just posted my lunch on instagram & shared the story;

I did a leg workout early this morning then #refueled with a great powermeal before my parents and I headed to the car dealership (I may or may not have gotten my first big girl car!! Picture will come when I pick it up tomorrow! Well, it was a blizzard all day and we ended up being at the car dealership from 1030am until 530pm because my dad was getting a new car as well…lets just say that my metabolism after leg day was not going to wait 7 hours to eat. So, my mom & I ventured out half way the day through across the street to @wholefoodsmarket in my dads old 4 x 4 truck while he signed papers. The people at whole foods were shocked when we walked in covered in show; since we were the only people in the store! I have to say, it was kind of nice to have whole foods all to ourselves! Mamacakes & I made HUGE salads & had HUGE bowls of soup to take back safely with us!

Fact: leg day + 7 hours of no food would not be PowerCakes approved.


What’s in the POWERBOWL?

peas, spinach, onions, balsamic, red peppers, beets, roasted brussels, seaweed salad, & tomatoes!


With a big bowl of Vegan Lentil Tomato Soup!

I also had my favorite drink – original Kombucha!


I just love the words of Enlightenment!

This one is so true – especially over the holidays.

“If you wish to experience peace, prove peace for another.”

These past 7 days have been very busy but so fun! It makes me realize how lucky and blessed I am to have such amazing people in my life. The fact that we all were able to come together for this beautiful occasion is something I will never forget!

Today, I looked at my mom with my tired eyes & said, “I could sit here being all worried about money, car payments, my business being (hopefully) successful, & things I could be doing at this exact moment- but I honestly feel so at peace with everything that it’s somewhat scary.”

Truthfully, I’ve always been one to “worry” about everythingggg. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot better at having faith in my choices & wherever life takes me. I know that each opportunity or experience is a stepping stone that will lead me where I am meant to be. I am at peace knowing that what I am doing is helping others.

I hope one day you can feel this way too because providing peace for others is a great way to find peace in yourself!


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9 responses to “7 Day Holiday Weekend Recap!”

  1. I am at a loss of what to write – beautiful & especially the way you ended it! So glad you are thinking this now!!! I worried all my life about things & at 55, it really is almost too late to make changes especially with money issues this late in life BUT I am trying to worry less & I am taking that a day at a time. Keep following your dreams!

  2. You’ve had a VERY busy past couple of days…looks like a blast, though! Can’t wait to hear about the new car….exciting!!

  3. Congrats on the new ride!!! I am excited to see it!

    An even bigger congrats on that peaceful feeling. That’s no easy task, but life happens just the way its meant to. 🙂

  4. I’m so happy you are feeling so peaceful and wonderful! I need to learn to adopt more of that mentality for there really is nothing better! So glad to see you had a wonderful christmas week packed with family time! It’s truly the best!

  5. Kim Perry says:

    Great post Kasey! I’m so happy for you and your family 🙂 What a great holiday/wedding weekend! THat’s really awesome that you are finding peace, I often have to remind myself that peace comes from within 🙂

  6. lauren marks says:

    Beautiful post full of wonderful memories and happy times! I am the same way with my car…that’s so funny your hugging her antenna! I have an old car too and it isn’t doing well either, but I am attached to it for some odd reason. Its not quite time yet for me to get a new one though. I’m excited to see what you picked out! Enjoy your day 🙂

  7. Diana says:

    Loved this post! I’m also launching my own business (financial services) and go back and forth between sheer panic and a calm faith in myself – so glad you’re presently at the latter end of that spectrum! Also, mamacakes in the red dress = babe alert! Love it!

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