Getting back into a routine with 5 Ingredient Lentil Loaf!

December 17, 2012 -
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Good morning everyone!

I wanted to start this post off by saying that after the horrible events from Friday,
this Monday is harder to wake up for than most.

I actually got a message last night from a reader asking “How do you stay so positive?”
And I have to be honest – it’s not that it’s easy, but it’s something that I’ve
challenge myself to be in order to get back into normal routines.

Although it’s not going to be my profession that rest of my life,
I am a teacher
and couldn’t help but put myself in the position
of the heroic teachers that did so much on Friday.

That being said, I can only let myself go to that place in my head for a small amount of time,
before it becomes too much.

In life, it is okay to take it all in and grieve – it’s a normal/healthy part of life!

But, there comes a time when we have to realize that certain things are just out of our contro
l & we need to work back into our normal routine,
while still paying tribute to what happened.

After my morning workout today,
I finished at 850am on purpose so I could watch my favorites, Kelly & Michael.

Apparently I’m not the only one either – my girl Laura can agree.


This morning it was obvious that the hosts were having trouble going on with a usual show.
After that paid tribute to the Newton families,
Kelly And Michael agreed that a good way to deal with these issues
is to try and continue on with your normal routine.

I couldn’t agree more with them, so I tweeted


So often when we are faced with difficult times, it’s easy to dwell on the negative.
But let’s try and challenge ourselves to wake up every morning, thankful for just waking up.
Let’s try and challenge ourselves to be grateful for the positives in our life; no matter how small.

Let’s try and challenge ourselves to continue with our normal routines,
while still paying tribute and praying for things that are out of our control.

Red heart

Personally, I find that one of my favorite ways to beat stress is to spend time with my family.

Yesterday I went to a holiday brunch with my parents
& then spent the day meeting with a friend about my business!

ahh, some exciting things happening that I CAN’T WAIT TO SHARE!

Anyway, we had some kodak moments at home;

*Mamacakes & Myself.


*Papacakes & myself flexing infront of the tree? Totally normal.
Not sure about my awkward pose though? Go me.

Another way I like to beat stress is in the kitchen,
cooking & baking is something that truly makes me happy & puts my mind at ease.

Last night, I was getting back into my routine, & spent some needed time in the kitchen.
Pandora Christmas music was on repeat.

I’ve had a new recipe that I’ve been wanting to post so last night I put a teaser on Instagram 


I spy kabocha squash ( @stuftmama & I are obsessed), with a bed of kale chips,
& avocado mashed with raw saukerkruat! (idea from my favorite twins,

But that red blob looking thing in the middle is truly the star of the POWERBOWL.

I introduce to you a simple & easy…


Sounds like a #POWERMEAL to me? Winking smile

I like to prep ingredients early in the week.
Last week I cooked up some Red Quinoa, Lentils, & we had some leftover spaghetti sauce.

So I took a few minutes to stare at the ingredients & brain storm.
(basically my own version of
CHOPPED in my kitchen)

I decided to dump them into a bowl, mix it up, & GUESS WHAT!
It worked!!

The only issue…I wasn’t sure if it was going to work or not.
Therefore, I don’t have any pics of the process,
BUT – it’s so easy I totally think you can handle it!!

Just mix these 5 ingredients into a bowl:

2 Cups of Cooked Quinoa
(any kind will do!)
2 Cups Of
Cooked Lentils
(I used canned- just drain & rinse!)
1 Cup Of Spaghetti Sauce
(I used organic red spaghetti sauce)
1/2 Cup of Nutritional Yeast
1/4 Cup of Flax Meal

*You can find these on
with my coupon code XUG228 for a discount! Winking smile

*Optional but so good –
One handful of chopped fresh basil
1 TB Minced garlic

Pour into a loaf pan & bake at 350 for about 1 hour & 10 minutes!

Remove from the oven & let cool for about 20 minutes or so.
I stored my in the fridge for the week.

Mine wasn’t as “firm” as a normal meat loaf,
but that’s why I just scooped it out & added it to my POWERBOWLS.


What’s in the bowl?
*Base of Kale chips
(made in the oven at 350 for about 15 minutes-
sprayed with coconut oil then sprinkled with nooch & smoked paprika)
*Chopped roasted kabocha squash, red onion, LENTIL LOAF,
topped with saukerkraut mixed with roasted red pepper hummus
& some kalamata olives, per usual! Winking smile

Quality check?

Protein = Quinoa, Nutritional Yeast, Lentils
Clean Carbs = Quinoa, Lentils
Healthy Fats = Quinoa, Flax



*One day when I have a nice camera, I promise these pictures will look more appealing!

I’ve also been loving it with a side of garlic hummus and roasted red pep hummus,
with some extra sauce on top and a side of asparagus & some “french fries” ??

hmmm…I spy a new recipe coming up ASAP!

Hope you enjoy!

Red heart

What is one way that you deal with stress?

Do you think you can challenge yourself to get back into a normal routine?


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