Running, Eat Clean, MizFit, & Parsnip Fries!

December 18, 2012 -
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Goodmorning all!

I started this morning off with an awesome back & bicep workout.
Finished with 2 miles on the treadmill!

Yes you read that right, I RAN on a TREADMILL.
Words that usually don’t belong in the same sentence for me.

I am not a huge runner, but I was in the mood for some reason…
maybe it was my light weight Mizuno Wave Elixir 7’s ?

I have to admit that these shoes are super comfortable to run in!
All of my old running shoes used to be chunky & heavy;
but these shoes are so light that I hardly feel like I’m wearing shoes!

So after some heavy lifting in the big girl gym,
I hit the treadmill & jammed to some new music suggestions thanks to my FaceBook Followers!

I may want to do a race in the spring;
so I figure I’ll get my feet wet in the running thing early enough!

Sometimes it just feels good to run & let off stress!

Now onto some announcements Winking smile

I wanted to say CONGRATS to my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors

Carla from @MizFit – She just released her NEW E-BOOK!!


You can purchase it through her site for $3.99!!

Also, Don’t forget you have a few more days to enter the
#BeGenerous ChapStick Giveaway!
Winner will be announced Friday.

Andddd I have a new BADGE to share!

Not sure if everyone knew this,
but I am a PROUD
Eat Clean Diet Ambassador!

ECDAmbassadors_Logo Final

I am so thankful to be a part of this awesome team of Ambassadors
along with Tosca Reno & her awesome team!

A lot of the Ambassadors have been hosting some awesome #BeGenerous Giveaways!
You can check out my girl Christine’s 12 days of

The Eat Clean Diet
Giveaways daily!

Now onto the EATING CLEAN portion of today’s post;
Yesterday I shared my 5 Ingredient
Lentil Loaf


Now if you want to, you can remove
the Lentil Loaf from the Powerbowl;
and I wouldn’t be offended, promise!

I suggest you have some FRENCH FRIES on the side.

Yup, a very POWERCAKES APPROVED version of French Fries!

You can use my new Favorite veggie – PARSNIPS – to make chips or fries.


You can either Roast them whole –
after washing and peeling.
(350 for about 30 minutes)


Or you can chop them into chips!

350 Degrees

Spray with Coconut Oil Spray (or spray of choice)

Sprinkle with any seasonings

Put onto a cookie sheet & bake for about 35 minutes!
(you can flip them half way through)


Horrible picture skills, I know!
BUT they are soo good & much sweeter than a french fry!

You can also cut them into fries & do the same process.


Serve the Lentil Loaf with hummus, asparagus, olives, & parsnip fries!

These make a very nutritious side dish to any meal.


What is your favorite veggie to make into a “fry” ??