M is for….Mary’s Gone Crackers GIVEAWAY!

February 13, 2013 -
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Before we get to another #plantPOWERED GIVEAWAY,

let’s start with some “L” highlights from Instagram!


Good job ladies!!! You can find these recipes by following their accounts.

Today, M is for…Mary’s Gone Crackers!


Mary’s Gone Crackers even issued a #plantPOWER message to all of us:

“Through our products, we promote Conscious Eating, which means being aware of how food impacts our minds, bodies and the planet. We encourage those around us to eat consciously by choosing foods that are organic and non-GMO, supporting not only personal health, but also the farmers who grow these crops. In further support of Conscious Eating, we recognize the importance of eating whole foods – those that are minimally refined and processed and nourish our bodies with the natural vitamins, minerals and fiber we need to thrive.”

Heather & I love Mary’s Gone Crackers & their message behind their products!

Check out Raw ‘n Sweet Red Pepper dip that Heather paired with Mary’s Gone Crackers!

I enjoyed Mary’s sea salt pretzels for a tasty #plantPOWER snack while I was vacationing at the beach with my bittie this summer!


These were an everyday munchie on the  beach with our #powerBOWLS!


So, now that you see why we love these snacks – you may want to try them, right?

Well our awesome friends from Mary’s Gone Crackers are letting you have a chance to try them for yourself!

TWO lucky #plantPOWER winners will receive the following:

  • 1 box of crackers
  • 1 box of pretzels
  • 1 box of the NEW bread crumbs!

Here’s how you can enter:

Head on over to Heather’s post today to enter!

  • Visit Mary’s Gone Crackers’ web site, browse through their products, and let us know what you would most love to try below in the comments section.
  • Tweet It! “I am entering the #plantPOWER @GoneCrackers giveaway from @heatherwaxman @Powercakes fortheloveofkale.com!”
  • Instagram the above giveaway photo and tag @GoneCrackers, @heatherwaxman, and @Powercakes!

In case you missed previous giveaways, here is a quick re-cap:

You have until February 26 at 5:00 p.m. EST to enter ALL giveaways! GOOD LUCK. :-)